The Mindy Project: Sk8er Man (2×07)

Synopsis: Mindy tries to prove to Danny that she isn’t picky by dating a man who loves to skate

Rating: ★★★★★

This week’s episode of The Mindy Project is in my opinion, the best of the season so far. It was so funny and the guest stars were much more entertaining than they have been in the past few episodes.

It begin with Mindy at her friend’s dinner party. When she realises that she’s sat at the couples table and she goes and confronts her friends about it and they left feeling insulted when they tell her that she’s too picky to find a date for. She feels further vindictive when Danny agrees and so she sets out to prove him wrong by agreeing to go out on a date with a hot but strange skater called Graham.

Jeremy, meanwhile, has personal issues of his own to worry about when his dad comes to visit him at the practice. Poor Jeremy just can’t get his dad to appreciate him while on the other hand his dad takes an instant liking to Paul. He even invites him to their father-son dinner.

TMP 2X07 pic 1

On their date Mindy allows Graham to choose where they go in attempt to prove just how not-picky she is. The date gets off to a flying start with Graham entering her flat through the window and Mindy patching up one of his wounds. They have a lovely heart-to heart swapping stories about scars and staring into each other’s eyes lustfully. When they get round to leaving her flat Graham takes her to eat at his favourite Mexican restaurant. Mindy mostly enjoys herself and there’s some more flirting but unfortunately his stupidity is too much for her to handle. That’s almost it for the night but then on the way home he saves her phone –and more importantly her selfIies on the phone- from being smashed by a train.

After that night Mindy is really into Graham but Danny still isn’t convinced. In order to prove it to him she decides that they’ll go on a double date her with Graham and Danny with Mary, a dull woman he met at the dinner party.

Jeremy is an incy wincy bit upset when his dad chooses to spend time with Paul instead of him and during a birthing class that he and Paul teach he loses it. Paul goes after him and reassures Jeremy that he isn’t in fact an embarrassment but actually a swell guy.

TMP 2X07 pic 2

During their double date Mindy and Danny both try to prove that the other has the worst date but this is cut short when Graham and Mary decide to dine and dash. Mindy and Danny hastily follow after them but when Mindy gets stuck in a gate trying to escape she realises that this thing with Graham just won’t work and so she calls it off. Danny on the other hand falls asleep when Mary goes in for a goodnight kiss and she dumps him.

Now alone for the night both Mindy and Danny go back to the restaurant to pay the bill. Over dessert they both agree that they were stupid for going out with those two in order to prove a point.

I think we can all agree that this was a great episode right? It was funny with some brilliant one liners such as “my body is attracted to your body but when you speak my brain hurts”. I think that this season is finally starting to pick up and regain it’s charm and from the looks for the promos for the next episode it’s going to be another fantastic episode with more hints of Mindy x Danny!!!

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