So if you aren’t familiar with The CW’s new historical roll out of Reign, you probably should be. I have to say, if The CW is good at anything, they are good at getting even the cheesiest of plots to play out with some longevity. Unlike Fox, I think we can safely say a show is safe for at least a season on The CW.

Just look at shows like Beauty and the Beast or Hart of Dixie, which are both chugging along when they definitely would have been axed by networks like Fox. The CW has a very interesting mix of allure along with absolute absurdity, that somehow keeps their shows alive and immensely popular, The Vampire DiariesSupernatural, I’m looking at you.


Reign has just recently gotten the order for a full season. And while initially I have to say I judged this show hard, it quite literally is something that my entire household looks forward to. It has a quality that almost ever CW show has. It’s addicting. Are the costumes way too modern to ever pass for a French court of the time? Sure. Do I find it weird that no one has a Scottish or French accent? Yeah, of course (But I’m not going to ask that of them). But damn, does it seem to have something that keeps making me go back for more.

Having been called Pretty Little Liars meets Game of Thrones, or Gossip Girl meets The Tudors, the latter of which I definitely agree to. The show mixes the suspenseful plot with, with a flare for severe dramatics. There are supernatural elements, classical love tropes, betrayal, heartbreak, and murder. All with the future of a kingdom, well I guess two if we count France, in the balance.

The story is definitely a bastardization of the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, but it makes no efforts to put up any guises about being accurate. As long as you aren’t using it to base your history homework off of, you’re in no danger.


People who love drama are going to love this show. People who love shows like The Vampire Diaries, or Pretty Little Liars, or even Gossip Girl are going to be sucked right into the sexy plots of the characters, that seem to feed into every guilty pleasure of their audience.

Where I once felt like Reign would be getting the axe any day now, I now feel like they’ll get a good two or even three seasons out of. Provided they keep the young adult angst that the show lives on.

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  1. They really should have gotten hotter guys. But the baker is a step in the right direction. My only other complaint is the storyline with Mary’s friend and the king. So gross!

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