The iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Watch were revealed today in Cupertino.


Quite frankly Apple, I’m disappointed. I know my one measly opinion doesn’t matter to you but I can probably speak for a lot of people. All the news and hype surrounding the Apple Watch fell flat after your presentation. You hired all these experts in design, medical sensors, and even ex-Nike Fuelband workers. That is all very impressive and I’m glad you’re doing that because you want a product that’s going to lead the market in wearables, but you dropped the ball. In comparison I think the Samsung Gear looks better. 

The price tag is even more outrageous.
The price tag is even more outrageous.

For a company that prides themselves on ultra-thin, this watch is anything but that. I feel like the iPod Nano watch band looks better. Let’s list all the features that this watch has:

  • Animated emojis (only animated if you send it Watch to Watch…so pointless)
  • Uses NFC (Near Field Communication) so that you can pay with your watch
  • Uses the dial on the side to scroll through everything, very much like the old iPod wheel
  • All the sensors! It has an accelerometer and GPS so it can constantly track everything
  • Measure your pulse via its screen
  • Very sensitive screen that can differentiate between a tap/press and provides haptic feedback
  • Different styles (Sport, Watch, and a fancy leather band one)
  • Two screen sizes (38mm and 42mm)

All these features are nothing innovative because the Samsung Gear has all this. You still have to use the Apple Watch with an iPhone. You’d think a watch that costs $350 would be able to be used independently. Nope you still have to spend $200+ on an iPhone to use it.

The Apple Watch is bulky has hell and quite frankly ugly. It’s not something I’d expect from Apple. All their other products look refined and beautiful but someone ‘effed up on this. If Steve Jobs were alive right now, this would have never been released. It does not hold up to the standards of Apple. This looks like every other wearable out there. There is nothing innovative about it.


Finally. That’s all I have to say. While phones were increasing in companies all around, Apple remained steadfast. I personally didn’t mind it because I like a smaller phone because I have small hands, but consumers wanted something larger. Samsung blew Apple away, but now Apple is back in the game. The iPhone 6 looks like a mini-mini iPad and it’s beautiful. This is exactly what I’d expect from an Apple product.

This is what you'd expect from Apple.
This is what you’d expect from Apple.

They’ve upgraded the iPhone with a lot of features:

  • Longer battery life
  • Better camera (slow mo, better front-face camera)
  • Retina HD Display (high-high def)
  • Curved glass screen that is seamless with the edge
  • Read up the rest of the features at macrumors

I would buy this phone. The curved glass looks ridiculously awesome but I can only imagine how expensive it would be to replace it. You better buy that Apple Care. They released a crappy watch but they released a great phone. I hope by next year they will have a new Watch design so save your $350 and spend it on the iPhone 6.

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  1. Just went to the local apple store to day to purchase my long-coveted ipod touch gen 5. All the employees were raving about how wonderful the apple watch is. I wasn’t that impressed, either.

    1. I really don’t like the fact you still need an iPhone with it. Why can’t it be standalone? That would be a real game changer because all the other wearables you need a phone.

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