Bay Area Sherlock Con is this weekend and we were lucky enough to get an introduction to one more guest of honor before Amy and I pack our bags and head to Santa Clara.

Anna Padilla is a 21-year-old community college student from Sacramento, CA. With her passion for art and fascination with creating something from nothing, Anna is aiming to get a degree in animation. A regular con-goer since 2007, she has more recently begun attending as a vendor. She is an enthusiastic participant and creator in not only the Sherlock Holmes fandom, but others as well, including Welcome to Night Vale and Doctor Who. This will be her first time attending BASC.

Meet Anna!
Meet Anna!

So what was your entry point into the world of Sherlock Holmes? What is/are your favorite adaptation(s)?

My entry point was through Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock films. I watched the second one and went on an information binge. From there I found BBC’s Sherlock during the middle of its first hiatus, and became even more interested and more involved.  

As far as favorites go, they have to be Granada Holmes and BBC’s Sherlock. I love Granada because it’s so incredibly spot-on. Jeremy Brett was born for the role of Sherlock, and no one can convince me otherwise. I adore BBC’s Sherlock because it’s so inventive and fun to watch. 


Your Tumblr says you’re currently reading The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Do you have a favorite out of the original stories?

It’s hard to pick just one! But one of my favorites has to be “The Adventure of The Six Napoleons.” I love it solely for the ending reveal. Sherlock is just beyond proud of himself for finding that pearl. And the way Lestrade responds to that was so incredibly heart-warming. I think it was there I realized how important Sherlock was to Lestrade.

How did you come into fan-artistry? Anything in particular you’re working on now?

Well I’ve always been drawing fanart since I was small (I may or may not still have sketches of Invader Zim OCs lying around). In order to learn how to draw, I would trace and draw in certain cartoon styles. Because I had a firm belief that in order to get into animation, you needed to know how to draw cartoon-like. Haha, boy was I wrong. I began sharing my artwork via the Internet, however, when I was about 14. And yeah, Invader Zim was my in when it came to fandom and fan-artistry.

As far as what I’m working on… Well, I’ve recently divulged into the Welcome to Night Vale fandom. So I’ve been churning out a few pieces for that. I just recently started a giveaway where I’ll be giving fans free posters of my recent Night Vale art. In fact, I might have some of those prints for Listeners who come to my table to talk about Night Vale.


What other art will you have available for sale at BASC?

I’m still slowly working on building up my inventory, but I will be selling what I currently have. I have some Sherlock prints, Supernatural “Salt & Burn” necklaces and many more fandom-y buttons. I will also be opening my Storenvy a day before the con, for those who can’t make it. 

What will you be doing as a Guest of Honor?

As a guest of honor I will be among the ranks at the “A Study in Paint” panel. Together, we’ll be doing a pictonary-like game where we draw a prompt and guests will have to guess. I’ll be giving out a few prizes to whoever can guess what I’m drawing. I’ll also be donating a traditional art piece to the auction. Lastly, I’ll be selling my artwork and visiting with whoever comes by my table!


Will you be cosplaying? (By the way, I saw your Cecil Baldwin cosplay. I dig it!)

Awww thank you! Yes! I will be cosplaying. I’ll be wearing Cecil, with an addition of some sweet tattoos and his trusty microphone. I think cosplaying as him will help me channel my nervousness into the wacky energy I’ll need to lead the panel.

What are you most looking forward to at BASC?

I’m simply looking forward to meeting new people and make some friends. I’m also pretty excited about seeing all of the other guest artists.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? About yourself or the convention?

I’m super excited for the convention! And I’m so proud to be a part of it. I adore this fandom to the core, so it’s nice to give something back. I hope to see you there!


So if you’re heading to Bay Area Sherlock Con this weekend, make sure to say hello to Anna (or Cecil if you’re a Night Vale listener) and check out her art! The “A Study in Paint” panel will take place in the theater at 1 p.m., and will also feature Taco, Cara McGee, and Blue. Check out the BASC website for more information.

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