This is it – the season finale of Defiance, was it everything you hoped for and more? We already know it’ll be back for season two, so there’s no sweating it there. Maybe play the game in the downtime? I’ve never tried out the videogame accompaniment myself, so I can’t say positive or negative things about it. That being said, strap yourself in while we go over what all happened in this episode.

Nolan and Tommy begin the episode where we left off last week – tracking Irisa. Nolan’s giving a play by play while doing his Alpha Male tracking and they ultimately find Irisa safe with Rynn and Sukar and the other Irathients.

Meanwhile, the election is in full swing in Defiance. Alak is on the radio campaigning for his father, though Datak finds it embarrassing and wants someone to stop him from broadcasting. Stahma pulls Datak aside and they have some sex against a wall because Defiance has been lacking in the sex department lately. He tells her that she’s never done that before when they’re finished. After a little afternoon delight, they go down to the voting booth. Kenya makes a comment about Datak keeping an eye on his wife and he realizes that the only other person to do that for him was Kenya. He pulls Stahma aside to threaten her and she looks genuinely afraid for the first time. It seems that Datak is the only one that really strikes fear in her heart.

I guess if you're going to be scared of someone, it might as well be your short-fused husband...
I guess if you’re going to be scared of someone, it might as well be your short-fused husband…

In with Doc Yewll, Colonel Marsh and the Earth Republic are asking her about the Kaziri in the gulanite mines. The Kaziri is a powerful Votan ship that’s been hidden in the mines. They know about the artifacts and what Doc Yewll, Birch and Mayor Nicky were doing with them. Doc Yewll tells them that the two keys are active in Irisa. We’re introduced to Jonah Keller, better known as Black Jonah, a professional interrogator with the Earth Republic. He’s deadly serious and it’s great. I like him as the spooky villain of the episode.

Back in the Irathient camp, Nolan explains to Irisa that he knows about the ship because Doc Yewll told him about it. She realizes that the cult she was rescued from were after the ship and the keys. They both realize they should have taken her visions more seriously. Irisa laments and thinks that they were all right about her – she is the devouring mother, the destroyer, the angel of death.

Stahma goes to the NeedWant to warn Kenya of Datak’s inevitable wrath. She’s scared and tells Kenya that she is leaving Defiance, offering to take her with her when she leaves. Kenya claims that if she’d cared about her, Stahma would have stopped Datak from hurting her sister Amanda. Regardless of their lovers spat, Stahma tells Kenya she’ll be waiting in Edmund Field if Kenya changes her mind.

Blah Blah
A glimpse into Irisa’s future? Or her past? Both really – the poor girl.

While Nolan and Irisa are making plans to find a real doctor to help her and then planning to go south, the Earth Republic storm the Irathient camp. They’re somewhat hidden and Nolan recognizes Black Jonah from Marin. The E-Rep Special Forces round up the Irathients, as well as Tommy, and shoot one while trying to flush Irisa out. When Tommy is threatened, Irisa gives herself up and Nolan joins her – claiming they live or die together. She’s put under arrest for stealing and Nolan is knocked out. However, he’s only faking it and not long after they pull away from camp, he kills the E-Rep soldier left with him and goes after them.

In Defiance, the election is over and the results are announced. 87 votes are undecided, 2,110 were cast for Amanda Rosewater, and 2,436 were cast for Datak Tarr – making him the new mayor of Defiance! Kenya tries to comfort Amanda in the wake of her loss. It’s a nice sister moment, where something is obviously weighing heavier on Kenya than on Amanda. She insists she’s fine with the whole thing and there’s no reason to “talk her off the edge.” It’s a kind of goodbye because Kenya is off to meet Stahma in the woods.

What are the odds on Kenya being dead? This may be the last time we ever see her, as Stahma didn't reveal what she did that was asked of her as the "good wife."
What are the odds on Kenya being dead? This may be the last time we ever see her, as Stahma didn’t reveal what she did that was asked of her as the “good wife.”

Stahma gives her a flask to drink from and tells her that she’s arranged to meet up with a land coach in Chicago. Kenya asks her what’s in the flask and tries to make Stahma drink from it. Stahma demurs and tells her that it was penance, she was doing it to show Datak she was serious about atonement. Kenya says that if Datak meets her demands, she’ll let Stahma live. Her only demand is that they leave Defiance for good, but she faints because the poison was on the flask and Stahma had been wearing gloves.

The Earth Republic wants the keys taken out of Irisa by Doc Yewll and put into one of their soldiers. She claims the keys are a part of Irisa’s cells now and that it is impossible. Colonel Marsh threatens to wear her head like a golf ball hat and I laughed when she asked bluntly what a golf ball was. It is little moments like this that remind me what a different world they’ve built with Defiance.

Colonel Marsh comes to see Datak Tarr, who is upset that the Earth Republic has tarnished his victory party by blockading the gulanite mines without notifying him. Datak realizes much too late that it was never about the mines and they were never going to respect him. Colonel Marsh calls him an “uppity little haint” and tells him that after they get what they’ve come for, he’ll be a nobody again. When Stahma comes to see him in his office, she finds him covered in blood – he’s killed Colonel Marsh. They admit to missing home and await the Earth Republic soldiers who burst through the door, their fates out of their own hands now.

This also may be the last time we see the elder Tarrs out of shackles. What do you think the Earth Republic has in store for them?
This also may be the last time we see the elder Tarrs out of shackles. What do you think the Earth Republic has in store for them?

Irisa is tied up on a table, but Doc Yewll whispers to her that she should do that thing she did before. While being tortured, the keys in her back activate and some soldiers run. At the same time, Nolan, Tommy, Rafe, and some of his men are storming the area to run the Earth Republic out of town. Rafe is wounded, but Irisa is saved from them. In their attempt to escape, Nolan is shot and killed.

This upsets Irisa, who sees Sukar come to her. He tells her that this is her destiny and that Nolan no longer walks her path. She goes into the mines and follows the same girl she’s been hallucinating since the last episode. The girl tells her she is Irzu – the Irathient god – and asks her what it will cost her to have Nolan back. Irzu tells her it will cost her everything; she must become Irzu’s weapon and follow each step in Irzu’s path. The keys activate around her and form in her hands. She throws them into the pit and then jump in herself. At the same time Nolan wakes up and begins searching frantically for Irisa. He screams for her, asking her what she did, but there is no answer.

You didn't actually think he'd stay dead, did you?
You didn’t actually think he’d stay dead, did you?

In the final moments, we hear that the Earth Republic has taken over Defiance.

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