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If you haven’t heard about reddit, then I suggest you turn back now. Seriously. If you want to have your day seemingly vanish into a dark hole without having accomplished anything, then by all means click HERE!. It’s not spam or something crazy; it is just the link to what I consider the internet. Reddit

is a social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of either a link or a text (“self”) post. Other users then vote the submission “up” or “down”, which is used to rank the post and determine its position on the site’s pages and front page. – Wikipedia

It’s like a better, more sophisticated Digg. The best thing about reddit is that there are so MANY subreddits. There are subreddits for everything, if you can think of a topic, chances are there is a subreddit for that. This is my list of subreddits, in no particular order, of the best ones.

    1. World Newsworldnews

This is my one stop shop to knowing the news and what’s happening around the world. It’s like stopping at BBC World, but not searching through all the articles; it’s just all here in one spot. Additionally to that, I would also like to mention r/politics. There are also some great conversations that go on within the world news subreddits, so reading the comments are always great too.

    1. Today I Learnedtil

Exactly as the title says, it’s random information that people learn throughout the day, whether if people are just clicking random on Wikipedia or something they’ve heard on the radio, TV or podcast. For example: “TIL that no one knows who invented the fire hydrant, because its patent was burned in a fire”. They usually link to the original source so that you can read the whole news article or Wikipedia page. They are great conversation staters, although, I’m not guaranteeing their pick-up line quality for picking up dates at bars or clubs. Anyway, on to the next one.

    1. DIYdiy

Ever wanted to be a handy person? Have that new kitchen or bathroom you’ve been eyeing and just can’t get the motivation to do it? Well, here’s the subreddit for you. This subreddit will show you how to make stuff yourself or shows how people remodeled their kitchen, bathroom, home, etc. You can ask questions like how they did, how much it cost, how long it took and all sorts. There are a lot of projects on here and it’s really fun to browse.

    1. Ask Scienceaskscience

What’s the Large Hadron Collider do? What’s a black hole? Or the top question today: If you were to put 10 box fans in a straight line all facing the same direction (like dominoes); would the air coming out of the last fan be stronger than a single box fan? For the answer, click here. A lot of the answers on here are scientifically correct, which is really nifty because you can expand your scientific know-how. Everyone loves science! If you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.

    1. Best Ofbestof

For Best Of people submit the best comments from subreddits. I really love it because you will see these fantastic comments in these lesser known subreddits. So you never know what you’re going to read, sometimes the front page of reddit is just filled with funny pictures and memes, so by going to Best Of, you can find those hidden gems that are all over reddit.

    1. Explain Like I’m Fiveeli5

This is one of my favorites because there are complex problems and concepts out there that you just can’t wrap your mind around; this lovely subreddit takes those complex things and puts them into perspective with basic to understand lingo. You’re not stupid if you don’t understand something, and you’ll never learn if you don’t ask. One of the top posts right now is “What happened to Detroit and why?” Check this one out and expand your knowledge!

    1. Ask Redditaskreddit

This subreddit is basically for ALL questions. Literally…any question that you want to ask reddit. For instance the top one today is “What disgusting secrets does your employer keep from its customers?” You’ll also get very heartwarming stories such as what is the bravest thing you’ve done? And then you’ll get very sad stories, like what is wrong with you? People come from all different backgrounds here and they tell their stories. They are absolutely amazing to read. There are funny ones, sad ones, angry ones, and basically the entire emotional spectrum. Give it a whirl.

    1. IAmAiama

This subreddit is basically “I am So and So or I am a So and So, ask me anything or ask me almost anything.” Basically people go on here and you ask them questions and they answer them. Some notable appearances on here are Morgan Freeman, Lonely Island, President Obama, Elijah Wood and basically a bunch of actors and actresses and people from all walks of life. Want to ask a celebrity a question? Here’s the place to do it.

    1. Videosvideos

It’s basically YouTube but not having to go through all the fodder. These are all the best videos. Again, all ranges of emotions are here.

    1. Picspics

Pics from all over the place, some funny, some WTF, some mildly interesting, some absolutely beautiful…there are all sorts of pictures on this subreddit.

Honorary Mentions:

Nerdy and Geeky Subreddits:

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