Alright Clone Club (is that our fandom name?), a lot has happened. I got a bit buried under finals, so let’s do a quick recap of episode eight, “Entangled Bank,” before we talk about this season’s penultimate episode.

The couple’s getaway was a bust and Alison is divorcing Donnie. She rebuffs all of possible-monitor Aynesley’s attempts to help and ends up smoking pot with Aynesley’s husband in his van and then doing… other things with him. In fact, this is the episode where most of the clones get a little action. Cosima is ready to resume her friendship with Delphine after their awkward kiss, but Delphine surprises her and goes all in, presumably because Leekie insisted that she stay close to protect Cosima. After making some “crazy science,” Delphine finds all of Cosima’s research on the clones and reports everything to Leekie, except that Sarah has a daughter.

After escaping Olivier, Sarah and Paul had fallen into (Felix’s) bed, for the first time in honesty. But they can’t enjoy the peace for long. Paul visits a de-tailed Olivier in the hospital and tells him to say only one clone had been at the club the other night, to keep Sarah safe. But when Leekie arrives, he already knows there are multiple clones in the mix. Leekie has Olivier killed and tells Paul he wants to meet Sarah. But Sarah’s about to have an even bigger scare than Leekie’s arrival. Helena still has Sarah’s jacket from when they swapped at the club, and finds a letter from Kira. Helena follows the home address and Kira meets her at the door. They walk for a few blocks before Sarah realizes Kira’s gone and starts running after them. Helena doesn’t hurt Kira. They’re actually very sweet together. But when Kira turns to run back to Sarah, she steps into the street and is struck by a car.

And that’s where they left us last week. But breathe easy, friends, because Kira is alright. Miraculously. And that’s not an exaggeration. No broken bones or internal bleeding. If Sarah is a genetic anomaly for even being able to have Kira, what might she have passed on to her daughter? For now, all that matters is she’s okay.

But will Helena be okay? With Sarah on the warpath, Paul convinces her to step away from Kira’s bedside long enough to meet Leekie, who wants to bring Helena in to help her. And Helena does need help. Furious that Helena hasn’t killed Sarah, Tomas locks her in a cage like an animal. Resourcefulness must be genetic, because Helena is able to retrieve her cell phone using a shoelace and phone Sarah for help. But Sarah’s not exactly in the helping mood.

In suburbia, Felix accompanies Alison back to her home so she can pick up some things before going back to stay at Felix’s. They’re greeted by a pastor, Donnie, and Alison’s neighborhood friends in the form of an intervention (arranged by Aynesley, of course). It’s too much for Alison, but with a little push from Felix, she faces the group, giving Aynesley and her entire faux-perfect life the proverbial finger. I’ve got to say, if Alison hasn’t grown on you by this point, we need to have a little chat.

Cosima, on the other hand, is beginning to fall apart. After the blood tests show that each of the clones can in fact be differentiated by their DNA, Cosima does a little research on Delphine, which quite frankly, she should have done early on. She’s devastated to find a photo of Delphine – or rather, Dr. Delphine Cormier – with none other than Dr. Leekie. In the fallout from this discovery, Delphine assures Cosima that, while she told Leekie that Cosima was in contact with the other clones, she said nothing about Kira. She also insists that, though she didn’t mean to, she has truly fallen for Cosima. And oh how I want to believe that’s true. Perhaps it is, because Delphine quite resembles a kicked puppy when Cosima takes a jab at her lack of experience with women. But even with my ship-goggles on, I’m doubtful.

The decision has been made to hand Helena over, but instead, Sarah kisses Kira goodbye, takes Paul’s gun, and goes to take care of Helena herself. Except once again, Sarah holds a gun on Helena but can’t pull the trigger. She lets her out, but Tomas arrives before they can escape. Sarah has to knock Helena out when she pounces on Tomas, then locks Tomas in the cage, and Helena in the trunk of her car. Sarah’s on her way to meet Paul and Leekie when Mrs. S. calls her and tells her to bring Helena back to the house immediately.

Because waiting at the house is Amelia, Sarah’s birth mother. Years ago, Amelia had agreed to be a surrogate for a couple who she soon learned were scientists. Sensing that no good would come to the child, Amelia decided to protect the baby instead of handing her over. But the real bombshell is that it wasn’t just a baby. It was twins. Twins separated and hidden at birth. The other twin? Which of the clones felt an inexplicable connection to Sarah from the start? That’s right. Helena and Sarah are twin sisters.

We already knew Sarah was an anomaly because she’s the only clone who has been able to have a child. Now it looks like it runs much deeper than that. Perhaps the scientists never even anticipated the birth of twins. What else is different about Sarah and Kira?

Oh, and did I mention that the cops are closing in? Art finally saw the footage from the train platform and knows that Beth was the one who died that night. Sarah’s in deep trouble now. Can’t wait to see how she gets out of this one! Hands up if you’re stoked for the season finale, and also devastated that it’s going to be over!

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