We are coming out of one crazy convention weekend, and thanks to the crew at CBS, there were some amazing teasers dropped for fans of Elementary. Between a panel and press room interviews, fans not only got the chance to screen episode two well in advance of general airing, but were given a chance to learn more about what they can expect as the season progresses.

If you do not want to spend time digging through all of the coverage, we have got your back, as we have summed up the biggest points from the convention right here in a nifty little guide.

1. The 100th episode will have someone from Sherlock’s past, but not someone we have already met. 

One-hundred episodes is a crowning achievement for any show, and the cast of Elementary expressed beaming pride over the accomplishment. They celebrated it with fans at the convention, thanking viewers for sticking with them through it all to help the show become a staple of prime time television.

Everyone wanted to know if audiences would see any familiar faces showing up to celebrate one-hundred episodes, and Rob Doherty gave us some clues. To start, we will not be seeing anyone we have seen before making a surprise appearance, which he attributed to the fact the episode is only the fourth in the season and they have some things to work through before the next big reveal.

However, he did tell us that we would be meeting someone from Sherlock’s past. Specifically, an old “frenemy” from boarding school will be making an appearance, and it is bound to be interesting and will hopefully give viewers some insight into Sherlock’s youth-hood. Rob Doherty said the episode is “a lot of fun” and “[was] a fun script.”

2. There is going to be an Elementary engagement, and we are guessing it has to do with Virginia Marsden reprising her role as Paige.

During the panel, fans asked Rob, Lucy, and Jonny if they could share anything about what may happen in the coming season. Doherty said yes, and announced to everyone that there would be an “Elementary engagement” coming up this year.

Of course, viewers did not get to find out exactly who it will be, but our suspicion is that it might have something to do with the news that Virginia Marsden will reprise her role as Captain Gregson’s sweetheart Paige.

Since I do not think Fiona (Betty Gilpin – who is also returning to the show this season) and Sherlock are quite ready to tie the knot, and Joan is not currently seeing anyone, Gregson and Paige seem like the most likely couple to take the next step.

3. Lucy Liu is going to be directing another episode this season. 

Lucy Liu announced during the panel that she will be donning her director’s hat again this season and will take over direction of the episode “two before the last,” which is currently unnamed.

After directing season two’s Paint it Black and season three’s The Female of the Species, we are definitely looking forward to see what she brings to her season five episode. As Lucy Liu’s talents know no bounds, it is probably going to be a good one.

4. Shinwell Johnson will be the primary “person in repair” this season, and will bring with him some inherent tension. 

As Kitty was to season three, and Morland Holmes to season four, so is Shinwell Johnson (Nelsan Ellis) to season five. Both Rob Doherty and Lucy Liu referred to him as the “person in repair” for the season, meaning the overarching story line will be following his attempts to leave his criminal past behind and take on a new leaf.

He serves a double purpose, then, as both the character of the season and a vehicle through which we get to see a little more of Joan Watson’s work as a helper. Since it was established in the opening episode of the season that she has been longing to return to a life of helping others, it will be interesting to see how this experience shapes her, and if it scratches the itch, or ends up putting her and those she cares about in danger.

There’s a reason Jonny Lee Miller said that Sherlock is “suspicious” of Shinwell, even as he tries to be supportive of Joan. We definitely do not want to discount that basic suspicious instinct as we learn more about Shinwell and see where he goes this season.

5. Some familiar faces will (probably) be making their way back onto our screens – particularly John Noble as Morland Holmes.

Though no one could confirm without a doubt who would be back this season, it is pretty safe to say that we will probably see something from Morland Holmes at some point. Rob Doherty pointed out in an interview with us that they have a good relationship with John Noble, and it would not be beyond reason to follow up on Morland’s success of lack thereof this season with the criminal enterprise he assumed control of.

Moriarty’s name came up, but due to Natalie Dormer’s busy schedule, we are a little less confident about her appearance. However, during the panel it was revealed that someone near and dear to the Elementary family will be returning, so time will tell.

It is hard to boil down an entire weekend’s worth of news into five points, but these are the things any fan of Elementary will want to know as they head into the fifth season. Congratulations to the cast and crew on one-hundred episodes. Here’s to many more, and to all the surprises season five has in store for everyone.

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