The age of ebooks is upon us whether or not you’re a supporter of the digital age or not. No one can deny that electronic publishing has given indie authors a way to reach the masses in a way they never had before. Anyone with the right kind of drive can take all those great stories they’ve got and share them with the world – and there are some really great online indie publishers popping up these days, too.

So we’re starting up what I like to call The Indie Book Drop.

The Indie Book Drop is going to be an ongoing series of posts highlighting some of the indie books I’m fortunate enough to get my hands on now and again. Some posts will feature a single publisher while others might feature an assortment of books and publishers. Each edition will feature three to five indie titles that we’ve read. The reviews will feature a brief breakdown of the story and my thoughts on the title. In some cases it will also feature a short section on why I would – or would not – recommend it. Each will be about two to three paragraphs long and include links to the GoodReads page and Amazon source for each book or novel.

We’re kicking it off with an article featuring indie publisher Dark Fuse. Keep an eye out for it in the next few days!

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