I am way too excited about the fall. I love new shows, so I’m going to be adding some of these new ones to my Fall repertoire. Sam already posted some of them on our facebook, but I just wanted to post them here, and get some actual freaking out going. What is the most hilarious part of all of this, is the comments on youtube, saying which shows will be cancelled (aka any of the good ones) by FOX. So I’ll be adding a bit of funny commentary below each youtube video with the negative yet hilarious fears of the people.

Among all of trailers (sans Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), I am the most excited for Almost Human with Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. It’s basically Karl Urban being Judge Dredd in the world of Blade Runner/Total Recall. I love all things android-y and is from J.J. Abrams. I can see a lot of potential in this show, so I want them to achieve all the potential. I do not want this show to die!


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I am also looking forward to Rake, a remake of an Aussie series. I like alternative law shows that aren’t all serious business. Not to mention Greg Kinnear’s character reminds me of Sam Seaborn and Robert Downey Jr. It looks kooky, whimsical, and plus there’s a cannibal! You guys know how much I love cannibals, especially cannibals played by Russell Edgington. Also as a romance novel enthusiast, I appreciate that they made use of the term “rakehell” or “rake”.


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Meanwhile, although Sam may not be looking forward to Sleepy Hollow at all, I kind of am? I’m not a huge fan of repeated use of the bible, especially revelations, used willy nilly in television shows. But the headless horseman as one of the four horsemen? That’s just awesome. Also Ichabod, shut up, don’t knock a frappucino until you’ve had one. Also the witch is definitely giving me memories to the Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. It just looks like Supernatural and National Treasure combined together, maybe with some New Amsterdam sprinkled in.


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My prediction for the shows’ lifespans are: Us and Them, a remake of Gavin and Stacey, either cancelled after season one or will truck along to season two or three before being axed; Dads, a lackluster comedy with Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green, cancelled (hopefully); Sleepy Hollow, possibly axed for low rating mid-season unless it goes off the beaten path or laces some intrigue into it; Rake seems like it’ll make it through if it keeps to a strong beat and doesn’t water down; Almost Human will hopefully get many seasons, but it depends on whether it goes down the path of awesome or the path of The Cape; Enlisted looks funnier than Dads, but is a little too hokey for me to think it’ll get renewed; Brooklyn Nine-Nine has Andy Samberg, I’m assuming that alone will get it a second season whether it’s good or not.

Over at NBC, I am the most excited for The Blacklist, which seems like a combination of White Collar and The Following. Although they seem to give away the entire pilot which might bring down the reviews of the viewers down, but it seems like a solid show. I am worried about the cast, but I’m hopeful for the plot.


I am not sure how I feel about Dracula. I mean I love period pieces, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers terrifies me with his eyes so I’m not sure. It seems that NBC is trying to capitalize on a fad that is fading. The trailer feels a little lackluster, with no real telltale sign of originality. Though it is done by the producers of Downton Abbey, so who knows how it will be. I feel like putting it into the death-spot of Friday nights is already dooming this show, but again, who knows.


Ironside reminds me a lot of Luther, and that makes me hopeful. Tough cop being badass in a wheelchair? Yes, please. Though I feel like shooting a hostage in the knee might be like the worst place to shoot someone. Maybe the foot? I don’t know, but Blair Underwood reminds me of Idris Elba so I will watch this with all of my feelings attached to it.


I’m not as worried about the lifespans of shows on the NBC network (though I guess my fear of Hannibal being cancelled really negates that statement). Sean Saves The World looks promising, and it looks heartwarming enough to be a show that I would go back to and watch for more than a single episode. The trailer for Welcome to the Family made me laugh because I love that the daughter decides to go off to ASU and comes back pregnant, as if my school didn’t have enough bad reputation to go off of. Although, I guess she gets pregnant the summer before college, in which case if she does go to ASU she won’t be alone. The Michael J. Fox show seems to be on a good track before even starting, with 22 episodes already being ordered on the series, plus it doesn’t look half bad for a dramady.

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