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I have a lot of feelings. But they are dwindling for The Vampire Diaries. This is not because I don’t enjoy where the story is heading, I don’t mind Silas’s story and dropping the veil, I even enjoy The Originals spin off, but I do not enjoy Elena anymore. To be fair: I have never actually liked her, she is that classic heroine that no one really likes, but accepts as an inevitable part of the story. The problem I have with this season probably stems from the fact that Kevin Williamson is no longer writing episodes for The Vampire Diaries and he’s moved on to The Following.

But anyways, let’s get these recaps on the road. So “She’s Come Undone” is an aptly titled episode, as it is literally another episode where Elena goes crazy and acts like a toddler rolling around the screen like she needs everyone’s attention in order to survive. So, spoiler alert, she gets her humanity back. Huge shocker. Though it’s not really until the very end of the episode, so she spends most of the show being tortured by Damon and Stefan, then being tortured by Katherine, and then being let go by Katherine.

Of course the torturing by the boys is useless, they burn her with sunlight, but neither will actually let her die, so she just takes it. Katherine does little, but at least she tells the truth. Elena is an attention seeker. Whether she wants to be or not, she needs people to constantly be around her. And she really wouldn’t last a day without the Salvatores constantly circling her like vultures.

What is the solution? Threaten her again, but with a life. So Damon threatens to kill Matt in front of her. Of course it means nothing to her, because she assumes he’s bluffing, but then Damon actually does kill him and she flips out. Gaining back her humanity. Yay… I’m more concerned about Matt. But of course, he has the ring on and he comes back to life and it’s all good in the neighborhood. But now Elena’s back to her emotional screaming self and crying and gasping and more of me wanting to punch her.

Yeah so she’s apparently “channelled” all her emotion into rage, so now she wants revenge. More shockers all around.

Meanwhile, Caroline is getting literally tortured by Silas to find Bonnie. He tricks her several times, appearing as all manner of people to scare her, to the point where she needs to stay by her mother’s side in order to make sure that Silas doesn’t hurt her. But of course, he does. He manages to get his way in, and Bonnie comes just in time, but not in time for Sheriff Forbes to get nearly killed by Silas. It’s a heartbreaking moment for me, and what makes me actually continue to watch this show. Caroline begging her mom to come back to life so that she can see her graduate just broke me. But she wakes up and all is well. For now.

So with another week, came another episode. One that started off with a horrible background song of Sail by AWOLNATION, yeah that one, playing while Elena tries to remind us that she can fend for herself and Stefan tries to relieve some of her pains and get her to feel more than just rage. Ok, Elena, I understand you’re an angsty 17-year-old who has lost everything, but seriously, you need to pull yourself together. This is pathetic.

But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about the massive awesomeness of this episode. Because, after a horribly angsty and Elena centric episode from the week before, “The Walking Dead” was way more exciting. I was so excited to see Alaric, who I knew would come back for all the best things in the world. Like, seriously, Matt Davis is my favorite and seeing him and Damon be best friends broke my heart and made my world better. I’m glad both the Salvatores got to see their bffs. Which means Lexi is back! I love Lexi and Stefan, and I loved the scene when Stefan was just sitting there thinking she didn’t come back, but of course she did!

Expectedly, Kol returns. He wants some revenge and some killing, but it’s all cut short when Jeremy gets back! Jeremy! Oh, Steven R. McQueen, how I have missed your chiseled jaw. Well he kills Kol, or what I assume is that he kills him, and Elena is finally able to see Jeremy again. Callooh Callay! But this doesn’t bode well, because now Bonnie wants him to stay and she’s about to go crazy to keep him there.

They handle Silas pretty easily, petrifying him and grabbing the cure along with that. But Bonnie wants more, and is willing to do anything to keep Jeremy. She ends up bringing down the veil, and all sorts of supernatural buddies start popping up, most notably, the hunters. Yup. The original hunters, aka Rebekah’s boyfriends and the other four that Klaus killed. Also of course the hunters that we met this season.

Dear god. No problem though, we can just get Bonnie to bring the veil back up, right? Wrong. She’s convulsing on the ground and dying while monsters start roaming the earth, back to take down all the vampires we love. (Hopefully Elena gets taken down, but that is unlikely.)

Next week, everyone wants to take down Silas. He’s a cinder block, use a hammer, folks.

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