Synopsis for 1×04: Lions have started attacking people, both in the US and across the world. Only a few people seem to be noticing the trend and are determined to figure out what’s behind it.

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Last week, the Zoo team finally came altogether. This week, they set out on their first mission. Originally they were scheduled to head out to Beijing but were redirected last minute to Mississippi due to the wolf attack at the prison. When they arrived, Chloe gave them their jobs: Mitch and Abraham would go try to catch a wolf to test while the rest of the team would accompany her to the prison where it all happened to see what information they could glean there. Obviously the team members weren’t exactly thrilled about being split up, but eventually went their separate ways with their quests in mind.

At the prison, Chloe ran into very little trouble getting herself, Jackson, and Jamie behind the gate. She claimed to be from the French embassy, there to confirm that a French national had been killed in the wolf attack. They let her through, but her story began to fall apart once she approached the deputy overseeing the investigation. It turned out the FBI had gotten involved in the situation, and the FBI agent immediately sensed that something was amiss with Chloe’s credentials. However, they got the information they needed. They found out about the single inmate who had gotten free, the one who seemed to lead the wolf attack, Evan Lee Hartley.

The more they investigated, the more disturbing the results. Jackson noticed video footage of the wolves seeming to submit to Hartley, as if he were their alpha. To add to it, there had been no sign of any sort of alpha or leader leading the pack at the time of attack. He figured this out due to the lack of wolf poop, which is apparently how a leading wolf informs his pack on where to go. Regardless, they came away from the prison with more information than going in and were set to investigate Hartley.

Abraham and Mitch, on the other hand, experienced true Americana as they tried to find some sort of trap for the wolf at a sporting goods store. There they ran into a group of hunters who were all responding to a wolf call. In other words, they were going to go out and kill as many wolves as possible in light of the attack. Mitch almost got punched, but Abraham managed to extract the sassy man from the conversation that was leading down a bad road. They got their tranquilizer gun and got out of there.

The team made it back to the hotel where they separated into girls and boys and settled in for the night. Though Chloe, plagued by jet lag, went downstairs to check out the hotel bar. Of course Mr. FBI from earlier showed up and sat beside her and once again questioned what she was doing there. Finally, she told him she was French FBI and that she was on a mission that was classified. The two flirted, he showed off his French, and eventually she left him there and returned to her room.

While all of that is going on, Zoo presented yet another location where an animal attack was imminent. In Antarctica, the audience was introduced to a couple who had gone up there supposedly to save their marriage. They were there for a two year study, but unfortunately for them it was about to be cut short. Remember those bats from the previous episode? Well, they resurfaced in Antarctica and decided to cover up the pair’s solar panels outside. This effectively cut the power to their facility and left them in the cold. Even after one of the biologists went out to try and scare them off, they returned, and a bat hitched a ride on her back and took out their backup generator. It wasn’t looking good for them.

The team once again split up to go their separate ways in the light of day. Mitch and Abraham set out into the woods to find a wolf while everyone else revisited the prison and did some more investigation into Hartley. During Mitch and Abraham’s adventure, a little more light was shed on Mitch’s character. It was revealed that he had an ex-wife and a daughter, so perhaps he was a little more human than everyone gave him credit for. As they hiked through the wilderness, Abraham was distracted by a wolf pup whom he began to chase.

Jamie went to visit the last person who had left the prison alive, the widow Hartley had traumatized in last week’s episode. Apparently Hartley had been a very respectable scientist before he snapped one afternoon in the woods and stabbed an entire hunting party to death. Something changed in him that turned him into a killer, and he also became obsessed with the Bible. So Jamie went back to the prison, smooth talked her way into his cell, and found his Bible which she was able to take back and show the crew.

Chloe and Jackson joined Mitch and Abraham in the woods because they knew Hartley was there somewhere. Mitch and Abraham learned the hard way as he caught them in the midst of the forest after Abraham attempted to chase down the wolf pup. However, even though he could have killed them both, he heard gunshots and wolves howling and took off running, no doubt to protect his pack. Jackson and Chloe showed up shortly after and they had to let Hartley go but went and collected a wolf that had been shot.

Back at the hotel, they experimented on the wolf’s blood to see if there was bacteria. After Mitch worked his voodoo and ended up causing a coffee pot to explode, it was determined there was some sort of bacteria causing the behavior in the wolves. Before they could do anything further, Mr. FBI showed up and warned Chloe that the Deputy wasn’t happy about Jamie going into the prison and taking things from Hartley’s cell. His warning gave them all time to pack up their stuff and bolt out of there.

They met back up with Jamie at the car rental place and she showed them Hartley’s Bible. In it was Hartley, standing next to Jackson’s father.

In Antarctica, the two women released all of their birds hoping the bats would leave. They didn’t. Instead, the women froze to death in their lab with nothing to save them. Another death by mutated animal to add to the list.

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