Prisoners of Time Vol. 1Simon Fraser, et. al.IDW PublishingJune 4, 2013Get It Now
Prisoners of Time Vol. 1
Simon Fraser, et. al.
IDW Publishing
June 4, 2013
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Trying to come up with a plot that ties in all eleven Doctors had to be pretty difficult. It’s a major undertaking, too. We’re talking decades of history that includes not only the eleven core actors but every single companion and alien species that has ever come and gone. Storylines spread across milenia in the world of Doctor Who. So how do you find a common ground in all of that?

Apparently in the Doctor’s companions.

There is some shady figure going around and scooping up all the companions the various Doctors have with them. I honestly have no idea why he is collecting them. The story starts out with this Lord Voldemort/Emperor Palpatine guy looking at some computer screens with all the Doctors on them and noting that he’s never alone. Which he says is something he needs to change. Without any real explanation about why. Because afterward the story switches to follow each of the Doctors through a small little arch of their own.

The First Doctor finds giant space ants in 1860s England. The Second Doctor fights human trafficking in a crazy future bazaar. The Third Doctor gets caught up in the Brigadier’s problems. The first two stories were cute and very classic Doctor Who. I didn’t really get into the Third Doctor’s story. But they were cool little intros. to the different Doctors. Particularly if you weren’t familiar with them already. Not a lot of more modern fans have watched the older serials. Though I do think the fact that I haven’t actually seen much with the Third Doctor probably made me a little less receptive to that chapter.

I assume that there are more stories – one for each doctor. But the ARC copy I got only had 69 pages out of the total 104 that it should have going into print. So I’m not sure if it explains it later on in the book. It might not though considering they only get through the first three Doctors with about an average of 23 pages per Doctor. With that logic we’d only make it through two more before we’d have to wait for Vol. 2. Which means maybe we won’t get to know what the whole story is and why this shady guy is taunting the Doctors and kidnapping their companions.

It’s not a bad plan, though. I mean, for whatever reason he’s trying to get all the Doctors to come find him the best way to do it would be by taking all the Companions. The Doctors area always very touchy about their Companions after all.

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a final copy of this TPB and the subsequent volumes. If I weren’t lazy I’d probably try to track down the individual copies. Prisoners of Time is a limited series that’s being released monthly over the course of a year. There will be twelve issues total. So I’m Guessing each TPB is collecting maybe four issues each? That’s not bad at all.

This one hits shelves a month from now. Not sure about the others. If your less lazy, you could pick up quite a bit of the story today!

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