Do you love subscription boxes?

We certainly do!

That’s why we’re super excited to be teaming up with the folks over at Zavvi for a sponsored giveaway of one of their sold-out February ZBOX subscription boxes. This month’s theme is “UNDEAD” which is perfect because if there’s anything we love more than subscription boxes it’s zombies.

The “UNDEAX” XBOX is going to be epic – and since it’s sold out you can only get it here now. Enter below!

Zavvi ZBOX Giveaway (Undead)

Never heard of ZBOX?

It’s a new monthly mystery box offered by Zavvi, a UK-based company that ships worldwide. The February box will be their third box and if you want an idea of what you’ll get, check out their past boxes! (Spoiler: they’re freakin’ sweet.) ZBOX features awesome items and gear focused on a new pop culture influenced theme every month. March’s theme has already been announced and gamers in particular should enjoy the “RETRO” theme.

We’re super excited to get our first box. Check back here next week for our unboxing video and our inevitable giddiness at so much awesome “UNDEAD” swag. Or subscribe to us on YouTube for updates.

We’ll be announcing the winner in the video first so watch and keep your fingers crossed!

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