Synopsis for 1×11 – What has three sides and is perfect rom-com fodder? This week’s episodes focuses on the love triangle between our three favorite couples in No Tomorrow

 First off, Evie and Xavier are still on the outs. Though Xavier doesn’t seem to know that. He thinks that he can barge back into Evie’s life just because he patched things up with his father. Evie, having grown a spine over the past few episodes, tells him that she’s been kissing Timothy.

Is he a rebound? Maybe. But this show keeps alluding to how Timothy and Evie are really perfect together. If this was a movie, I think Timothy and Evie would wind up together after Xavier’s name change was revealed. But this is the CW! No relationship is that simple!

Instead, Xavier flip flops on whether he wants to enter a love triangle with Evie. At first, he seems to scorn relationships. He makes a slippery exit (covered in scuba gear) and he shames his newly exonerated Cousin Jesse about his new relationship.

Words like “whipped” and ideas like “why get a job just because a woman tells you” are thrown around. Sounds like Xavier’s been on some menimist Reddit boards. But Jesse sees through Xavier’s BS. Xavier isn’t a wild and free bachelor. He’s a coward. He’s been using the excuse that the Apocalypse is coming in order to live consequence-free. Caring about something means working for something.

Xavier enters the ring again, vying for Evie’s affections. But Timothy’s not backing down from this fight! This is a new Timothy, a driven, beaver Timothy! So after a piano duel, Evie decides to date them both. May the best man win!

[the cw]
[the cw]
Kareema and Sophia are having their own kind of love triangle. Namely, that Kareema wants her brother Rohan back into her life before she can marry Sophia. Until that happen, the wedding is on hold.

And the final triangle is Hank’s. Hank actually has two triangles. His first is the bunker threesome. Will he choose Evie or Timothy for his bunkermate? In the end, he chooses Evie. Not because he’s excited about a lifetime of her forcing him to play charades, but for logical reasons. Reasons like he might have to repopulate the Earth, and that can’t happen with Timothy.

His second, more important triangle is that of him, Three-Pete, and Deirdre. Hank, while respecting Deirdre’s breakup agreement, also still cares for her enough to plan a beautiful wedding for her. Deidre thinks Three-Pete is doing the heavy lifting, but really it’s Hank behind the scenes.

Everyone solves their problems in their own unique fashion. Kareema opts for a pillow fight. And even though Rohan still isn’t ready to be back in her life, he was at least willing to talk and listen.

Three-Pete, after an unexpected convo with Xavier, has a mature conversation with Deirdre. They break off their relationship like two mature adults, which is a welcome change from Xavier’s relationship shenanigans.  And the beautiful wedding that Hank planned winds up being for his first-best work friend. Kareema and Sophia get married in Deirdre’s power pantsuits. Congrats, ladies!!!

And finally, there’s Xavier and Timothy. Timothy is the one who breaks out of the triangle. He knows that he and Evie are in different parts of their lives, but he believes they’re meant to be together. With that sentiment, he lets his loved one go. Maybe she’ll return one day.

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[the cw]
Or maybe,  Xavier will open his life up to her. After meeting Evie’s grandparents and seeing how in love they are, Xavier is inspired to live past the asteroid hit. He imagines a future for himself, and for Evie too. He has hope, which means he now has responsibilities. Next week, we’ll see the return of Doctor Fields. And we’ll see Xavier try to stop the asteroid from happening. Will he succeed? Find out next week!

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