Well, the end is near. Bring on the references to Edgar Allen Poe and the creepy women with baby voices. Also bring on my question of how the hell they’re going to formulate a second season when it seems like Joe is going to die of an infection or blood loss? My guess is eventually Molly will save him, but who knows.

Anyways, more FBI stupidity all around this episode. They set up roadblocks and sweeping policemen, but they seem to get everything wrong. Why aren’t the police all wearing bulletproof vests? Why aren’t they vetting every single person ever? Why are they just now looking through the pictures of people who ever visited Joe? Why do they let people with axes into a quarantine zone? Why do they keep failing so hard? I just have a lot of questions that make me really angry with the FBI’s decisions. This is how they end up with so many injured members of their main group.

Thank god Claire is playing for the good guys. Despite being held hostage by Joe, she manages to get her hands unbound and clobbers Joe over the head with a bottle of wine. In the process, she saves the married couple whose house they were invading. Let me just say, that Claire, as a one man show, did much more than Ryan and his team could have in this situation. Anyways, she, Joe, Emma, and Jacob are in the house that they invaded, holding the couple hostage. Claire manages to get away with them, stabbing Joe once more with a fork and kicking him for good measure. They run through the woods, justifying why I’ll never buy a secluded home, and make it to a road where they are met by Emma and Jacob. They manage to catch Claire all over again, but at least the couple makes it out alive.

Meanwhile, in the FBI area, a reporter is stabbed in the stomach by a Follower, because the FBI suck at what they do apparently. They manage to capture the cultist who stabbed the reporter, but she just mumbles some stupid lines from Annabel Lee in her baby voice and regurgitates nonsense that she probably has no idea the meaning of. Then in forming their Quarantine, they realize too late that the entire room is filled with victims but also cult followers.

It takes Ryan a couple seconds to figure out what’s going on, but a couple seconds too late, as the mayhem begins. People start getting slaughtered left and right by crazy members of the cult. The team splits and basically Parker ends up in the hands of the Following. I’m glad they didn’t just stab her there and leave her. Though I guess burying her in a shallow grave in the middle of nowhere is way worse. But I was probably the only one who was whispering “Kill Bill it, Debra. Kill Bill it!”.

O yeah, the kinda elephant in the room. Jacob’s death. I saw it coming, to be honest. Emma was always crazy for Joe to begin with, no matter how nice she was, Jacob was a stand in for Joe. So that’s all I have to say on the subject.

As far as penultimate episodes, this was an explosive one. So many things happened that ended up bringing together a lot of the questions I had through out the season. Mainly, what were the cult members planning. I mean, execution wise, they succeeded in making the FBI look like fools and duplicating the message of the Red Mask of Death.

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