To recap from last week: while Norman was off banging Bradley (and I still don’t understand why this girl is named Bradley) Norma was being arrested by the mayor of Gotham City. Who we all know is tough on crime. Also known as Sheriff Romero.

Norman comes home all sorts of happy to find Dylan alone in the house. He tells his brother what happened to their mom and they both go down to the prison. Norma says she wants nothing to do with either of them, though. Dylan offers to help her get bail money by using the motel as collateral but she essentially tells him and Norman to screw off. Of course, Norman wouldn’t listen so he goes to find the deed for the motel and gets Norma out of prison with the help of our Emma whose over being sick – for now. For some reason Norman thinks in all of this that he ought to tell Emma about the girl in Shelby’s basement and she understandably freaks out and then goes on and on about a police conspiracy. Then she kisses him because that’s what people do.

Meanwhile Dylan – who is working for the same people who are trafficking these Chinese girls – starts talking about taking out a loan with his employers and getting a place for him and Norman.

Norma gets out of jail thanks to Norman but she’s still pissy. She doesn’t let the lawyer she goes to help her and then afterward – when Norman tells her she does things sometimes that are actually kind of scary – she abandons him on the side of the road ten miles from home. Which might indicate to Norman that she’s really messed up but considering how messed up he is… who knows. Luckily Dylan shows up like immediately after and pulls an extra motorcycle helmet from somewhere so he can get Norman home. For whatever reason, Dylan just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would have an extra helmet.  Then again maybe he is. Wouldn’t want to scare the pretty girls he wants to bang.

Back at home Dylan tries to get Norman to understand Norma and her problems. But Norman is so stuck on being the dutiful son. He tells Norman that if Norma goes to jail he’ll move in with him. And if she doesn’t… he ought to come live with him anyway. Which, of course, Norman refuses to do because he’s a momma’s boy who has to grow up and taxidermy shit and kill women. Stuff like that.

It’s not like Dylan has the money on his own yet. But his bro totally comes through for him and hands him $5K to go get a place for him and Norman. And then some junkie shows up and shoots the guy through the neck. Some how miraculously Dylan manages to get him to the hospital while he was still alive. Way to go, Dylan! Of course when the cops come to question him Dylan takes off because c’mon. They do crazy illegal shit.

Norma might be pissed off at everyone but she still takes time to go visit Shelby. Who also pisses her off. Because she’s a bitch. He tells her that they need to spend some time apart. Not because she is a liability but because he loves her and doesn’t want things to get worse for either of them. Shelby promises to figure things out and get her out of trouble. Which apparently means breaking into the evidence locker to destroy evidence. I legit do not know why Shelby is so obsessed with Norma. Like I just still don’t get how that progressed. It was like her manipulating him and then bam. All kinds of awkward sex and relationships and what not.

I don’t actually get it.

Dylan for some reason thinks that driving around in his buddy’s pick up truck with the back window blown out and bloody is a good idea. he also seems to think that running down the guy that shot his friend is a good idea. I mean, it was. But still.

Meanwhile Emma is doing research, Norma gets the call that her case was dropped because the evidence disappeared, and Norman tries – with no luck – to call Bradley. Dude. You walked out of her house while she was sleeping after you two had sex. Also, awkward long phone messages make you sound needy. And being upset that your mom’s sorta-boyfriend rescued her ass because you probably secretly want your mom is also pretty creepy. Just saying.

Norman stalks off and into Emma’s VW bug where the two go play Scooby Doo. Except instead they go to the pier and talk about how Norman thinks he is in a relationship with Bradley and what really happened. Which, as Emma says, was a hook up. Because Norman isn’t a normal kid and doesn’t understand hook ups, he gets a little obviously flustered and then they go off to play real Scooby Doo. Which means going to find Keith’s boat because she’s so convinced it’s a police conspiracy and probably that Romero is in on the whole trafficking thing, too. Which, I mean, he probably is?

Who knows.

But holy shit! They find the Chinese girl. Or one of them at least. Who knows if it is the same girl that was at Shelby’s place. They bring her back to the motel which seems terribly insensitive considering what happened to her and the other girls there but hey. Teenagers hiding an escaped sex slave don’t have a whole lot of options. Some how Norma finds them. Which is like… pretty crazy. Even when she sees this girl and this girl tells her what Shelby did to her she refuses to believe it. Like, this girl is legit in her motel and she refuses to believe it. It isn’t until she points at a picture of Shelby that Norma even begins to believe her.

Norma. This girl is clearly real. Wise up.

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