So much for us having a happy Miles Matheson around for any substantial amount of time. Sheesh. C’mon, Revolution. The whole show is like a Miles angst fest as he systematically reunites – and at times eliminates – the people from his past. Can’t you give us a break for one episode?

I guess not.

Shortly after Miles’s little victory stealing the scientist – and then letting him free – the Monroe Republic is back on the offensive. They send a series of drones out to attack the rebel camp while everyone is just sort of hanging around. Miles and Nora are together and it seems like things are going good until she tells him she doesn’t know if she wants to keep going on like this. She just doesn’t want to fall in love with him all over again and then have one of them have to watch the other die. Which Miles doesn’t want to hear. Jason, meanwhile, gets into a little fight with his father whose understandably pissed off that his son left him to die last episode. Not that they have a great relationship but still. It is a bit cold, Jason. Then he and Charlie go to the look out tower to ‘keep watch’ and probably make out.

Then things start exploding and Miles once again gets thrown pretty good but bounces back just fine. He pulls Nora out of some rubble and they start worrying about where Charlie was when this all happened.

Flash back to the past when Miles and Rachel met up again because apparently there is a segue here.  I mean, there is because they should probably leave Charlie and try to escape before the Monroe forces come and capture them all but he refuses to leave her like he left his mother when he took off after failing to kill Monroe… Anyway. Long story short, we find out a bit more about what happened with her and Miles. They were looking for Ben and asked him to come meet Miles alone but she went instead. She claimed she could turn the power on just as well as Ben could. Which was a lie. She was just trying to help some other people – including Ben and the kids – escape and get away and she did. Which pissed off Miles. He almost hit her and there’s just a lot of emotions because apparently at some point hey had an affair and yeah. We sort of figure that one out, Revolution. Thank you. But she kind of hates him now because he’s sort of a bad guy. Or was back then.

You know, the whole “ask him what he did to your mother” thing really makes it sound like whatever happens down the line is a bit rapey or something. So I’m assuming that the whole leaving her behind thing is what he did to her but maybe it’s not? I don’t know. I really don’t know. The whole flashback sequence this episode was kind of ‘blah’ since I’m a total Miles and Nora shipper anyway.

Speaking of Rachel…

She and Aaron are still chillin’ in the Plains Nation. She’s still hurt. He’s still confused as thy why he’s in the book. She doesn’t know either so there is that. Aaron keeps refusing to go after the tower so Rachel tells him maybe they can heal her using the nanites in the air. They take the beacon from Danny’s body and shove it in her leg before Aaron does some hoodoo computer magic to get them to lock on the beacon and heal her.

They get seen, though, and this guy takes them back home with him to fix his kid whose got some intense internal bleeding from falling off a horse. Aaron wants to help and they go back to the computer store as if they are going to help. But then they knock the dad out and take off because Rachel doesn’t care about the kid and they can’t save everyone. She wants to turn the power back on so that people can kill Sebastian Monroe. That’s it. That’s her end goal. That’s all she wants. Not to help people. To kill Monroe.

Meanwhile, someone actually tries to kill Monroe. A sniper takes a shot at him and they just miss him. He goes back to his little palace or whatever and Jeremy Baker (played by Mark Pellegrino) is there with him. He was also with Monroe when the sniper started shooting and – despite not taking cover – was not hit himself. So Monroe gets all kinds of crazy and starts accusing him of trying to get him killed. Then Baker just goes off on him and starts indignantly saying how Monroe literally drives away everyone in his life. It’s his own fault that Miles and Tom and everyone turned on him. Then Monroe leaves the office and there is a gunshot. We assume that it’s Baker and it probably is but since we don’t see the body… who knows.

Back on the frontlines Miles and Nora are going after Charlie. Tom surprises everyone by coming along, too, saying that he can’t leave his son to die alone. The three of them are  heading towards the tower when they find a very injured Jason being dragged away by Monroe soldiers. They rescue him and he tells them that Charlie was in the tower when it collapsed.

Miles gets upset at him for leaving her there and Jason tells them to go try and find her and to leave him there with a gun and he’d do what he could to draw fire. But Tom grabs him instead and they start making their way back. He actually seems to be a bit proud of his son in that moment. And at least Jason can’t say his father doesn’t love him any more. He actually gets shot saving his ass. So. Accept it Jason. He does love you. You’re just two fundamentally different people.

Charlie manages to punch her way through the rubble and runs until she meets up with Miles who is thrilled to see her. But unfortunately Nora is captured. They all go back to the Georgia Federation where President Foster says she is going to have to seriously consider surrender because of a couple very key military defeats due to the drones. Miles threatens to leave to find Nora but Foster tells him that things are bad and it might be their only choice. Unless he can do something to get the upperhand on Monroe, she will surrender.

Meanwhile Charlie and Jason are kissing in a hospital room while Tom watches them awkwardly and disapprovingly. And Monroe learns that poor Baker had nothing to do with the assassination attempt – which brings actual tears to his eyes – before he goes to interrogate Nora. Who he also apparently seems to know because everyone on this show knows everyone else.

Poor Nora.

Things are going to get super awkward for her in the next episode…

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