Friends don’t slip friends Cult-themed drugs at Cult-themed parties. Or, you know, any type of drug at any time.

A reaction to her drugged drink from last week’s episode landed Skye in the hospital, after she began hallucinating Billy Grimm and collapsed. Without knowing what she took, the resulting brain activity could kill her. With Skye’s mom keeping a bedside vigil, Jeff has to track down the drug to save Skye’s life.

Inside Skye’s head, it’s an episode of Cult. Kelly appears and at first, it seems she’s there to save Skye from Billy. Both women are on similar missions – to find answers about their missing family members. But shockingly, Kelly gives in to Billy, giving up her search at his request. But it takes more than Billy and Kelly to convince Skye to let go. That’s when her missing father appears to her.

In the real world, Jeff’s only option seems to be breaking into Detective Sakelik’s home, knowing she took Dustin’s drugs at the Cult party. Sakelik warns Jeff at the hospital, reminding him of Nate’s plea to back off. But Jeff enlists E.J. to help get into police records anyway. Bert, Jeff’s boss, catches E.J. and reprimands them, but ends up volunteering to go with Jeff to Sakelik’s house.

Bert proves to be incredibly helpful, distracting Sakelik in her front yard while Jeff searches her refrigerator and freezer for the remaining drugs. Nothing like a little close-call break-in to get the heart racing. Jeff makes it out with the drugs, but only just.

And not a moment too soon. After bonding with her father along with Billy’s family, Skye is briefly convinced to give up her search for answers, which translates into giving up altogether. She stops breathing and the doctors are able to bring her back, but things are looking increasingly grim. Even once Jeff gets the drugs to the doctor to analyze, and they start treatment, it’s up to Skye to come out of it.

 And come out of it she does. She lets go of her father in her dream, but she refuses to let go of her need to find him. She frees herself from Billy’s grip (and from the nails fixing her hands to his table), and stabs him in the gut with his own knife, effectively turning down his invitation to his family.

When she wakes, her mom and Jeff are both there for her. But just as everyone has breathed a sigh of relief, flowers arrive for Skye. Flowers from Sakelik’s front yard. The note on the flowers is an apology regarding Bert. Just then, E.J. calls Jeff. Bert has been shot in a “home invasion.” Obviously, Sakelik is behind it, but she makes it clear that Bert’s blood is on Jeff’s hands.

Things are getting riskier for everyone! Tune in next week to learn more about our mysterious, corrupt Detective Sakelik.


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