Since its season premier on the October 9 The Tomorrow People has aired three episodes. In its latest ‘Girl, Interrupted’ where we learn more about Cara’s past while Stephen tries to help a school mate who wants to kill herself. If you’ve read my article Watch With Us: The Tomorrow People then you’ll already know that I didn’t have the highest hopes for this show when. Well we’re three episodes in so about what about now?

Use the force, Stephen
Use the force, Stephen

Let’s talk about the pilot to beginning with: Stephen learns about his new powers and about the Tomorrow People. For me the plot didn’t flow comfortably as the writing felt a bit rushed. Yes it’s often the fault of many writers to want to be able to fit as much information as they can in the pilot. They do have to establish characters, relationships and conflicts and for it to be interesting enough for the audience to want to watch more which isn’t an easy task. Unfortunately The Tomorrow People couldn’t quiet sell it. Also much of the content was too cliché for me to enjoy. Who else is sick of stories about the teenage misfit, who’s actually the “chosen one” (and I almost gaged when they used this term) here to save a group of supernatural people?

I did enjoy the episode’s slight twist in the end when Stephen agrees to work with Ultra, the group who’s been targeting and killing the Tomorrow People. This actually surprised me, not so much as a concept because often we see the good guy working for the enemy, but for the timing. Having Stephen choose to do this was an interesting move from the writers and it has some great potential to bring some more excitement to the show.

Walk, walk, fashion baby
Walk, walk, fashion baby

I liked episode two ‘In Too Deep’ much better. The writing felt less rushed so the audience could appreciate what was happening more. In this episode we find Stephen trying to help a teenager who’s breaking into his powers before Ultra can find him and kill him. In this episode we see the beginnings of Stephen being a leader, he gets the rest of the Tomorrow People on his side to help this kid despite the fact that John wanted nothing to do with him since he joined Ultra. Though the pacing of this episode was much better than the premier there still wasn’t anything gripping about the story itself. The show just doesn’t have the wow-factor, There’s nothing unique about it that makes me feel compelled to watch more of it.

The latest episode, Girl, Interrupted, has been the best episode so far and it does give me a little hope for the show. If it can continue improving then who knows, maybe I’ll become a fan. I really liked how this episode centred on Cara. Her backstory was grabbing and it pulled at my heartstrings seeing her suffer so much. I honestly wish she was the main character at this point because so far I care more about her than I do Stephen. No offence to Robbie Amell since a lot of the fault lies with the writers who have given him, sadly, a bland generic character to work with.

CW sure does have a thing for putting their leading men in leather (not that I'm complaining)
CW sure does have a thing for putting their leading men in leather (not that I’m complaining)

I know its early days and it’s a bit harsh to judge the show on so little but I have to say it’s a bit dull to watch. The writers are trying too hard to make it a dark edgy teen show that they’ve made the entire show way too serious. This show could do with some more humour, and no that doesn’t mean give the staple POC comic relief more lame one-liners.

Having said all of this The Tomorrow People is only just beginning and it still has a long way to go. The quality of it has been improving as each episode has aired and hopefully it will only continue to improve.


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  1. I’d like Russell (Aaron Yoo) to get more screentime. The two main guys are really boring and Cara is way too serious. No thank you to the inevitable love triangle, too.

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