Synopsis of 13×02: The show continues to explore whether Jack is good or evil, there are some fan service throwbacks, and a look at what Mary’s up to!

“The Rising Son” opens with the fourth prince of hell, Asmodeus arriving in a snazzy white suit, with a horrific scar and a backstory about disappointing Lucifer, which is the makings for this season’s new villain. Asmodeus’ first order of business as villain extraordinaire, is to find Jack to help raise some nasty beasties.

Meanwhile, Dean and Sam are attempting to figure out the extent of Jack’s powers. Dean still falls into the camp of “Jack needs to die,” while Sam disagrees and believes that Jack simply needs to be taught right from wrong.

Jack, still virtually a blank slate, does not know himself either. He attempts to mimic Dean, who finds the whole process annoying and snaps at Jack. Dean gives him the Bible to read, and Jack takes the Bible literally. Sam and Dean attempt to explain the real history of Chuck, angels, and demons, but Jack doesn’t quite grasp the concept.

Donatello arrives at the hotel explaining that he was drawn to Jack, but that he didn’t think Jack was evil. Sam accepts that and continues to argue with Dean about being able to save Jack.

In a season one throwback, Dean, and Sam have Jack get a protection tattoo, which promptly disappears, fueling Dean’s insistence that Jack is evil. Jack becomes upset and leaves while the three adults argue about him. There is a touching moment where Sam explains to Jack that Dean just wants to keep everyone safe.

Asmodeus takes the form of Donatello and tricks Jack into helping him raise the nasty beasties. Sam, Dean, and Donatello jump into the Impala to stop them, and John’s journal makes a sudden and convenient reappearance with the answers that they needed.

The boys (and Donatello) stop Jack and save the day. When finally make it back to the bunker, Dean finds Jack stabbing himself repeatedly. Dean has a sudden moment of sympathy when Jack asks what he is and the two have an awkward, yet important conversation about whether Jack is evil or not.

The episode also followed Mary and Lucifer in the alternate universe. Lucifer is still a smarmy bastard and needles Mary, who is attempting to figure out why Lucifer is keeping her alive. She manages to slip Lucifer and runs into a human who tries to attack her. Lucifer comes to her rescue and punches a hole through the man’s chest. Of course, even in this universe Micheal and Lucifer can’t be in the same area without turning into twelve-year-old boys and fighting.

Overall, was it the best episode Supernatural had to offer? No, but the nostalgic throwbacks and humorous one-liners were enough to keep the episode from stalling and feeling bland. However, the “is Jack good or evil” argument is going to become old fast, so hopefully, there is a resolution and forward momentum on that front, because nostalgia and humor aren’t going to keep audience interest for long.

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