I think most people are glad that Twilight is over, myself included. Personally, it wasn’t even because of the actual series. I have read the first three of the Twilight books, and I did enjoy them when I read them when I was in middle school and I enjoyed them all up until the fandom ruined it for me. Much like Supernatural (though to a far lesser degree), it was the fandom that pulled me away from the series in disgust. Don’t get me wrong, I still see the problems that we all do in the series, the characterization, and the writing. I found it to be mindless fodder that I read when I was 13, absurd but easy to get through. I won’t deny it like many people do now, because I still enjoy vampire/paranormal/supernatural romances, which is what Twilight is in essence. And I don’t hate all fans of Twilight, but those obsessively creepy young women and middle-aged housewives who camp out at Comic-Con three days before the con even opens make me angry that they would call themselves nerds.

So, I went into the screening of Breaking Dawn Part 2 with the utmost of apprehension and the intention of covering my mouth so I wouldn’t laugh too loudly. But… I was pleasantly surprised. Setting aside the HORRIBLE opening intro sequence and the title slot, it was a fun popcorn munching movie, much like the books. It is obvious that this is a movie that’s not afraid to laugh at itself, which is what’s the best in these types of movies. It quite frequently makes jokes, and despite the sometimes awkward action and fade sequences manages to garner a few genuine laughs. Unlike much of the previous movies, (BIG MOVIE SPOILERS AHEAD) there is much less of the classic moping Bella and Edward, Jacob is conveniently taken out of the love triangle with a basic “jump the shark” technique, in fact, everyone in the movie is generally much happier.

I can’t say that someone who hasn’t read the books would understand fully what is going on, but needless to say it’s not hard to pick up the general idea. The best part of the film that won me over was the massive fight scene at the end of the film. It fulfilled all my needs for a bloody final battle, at this point in the film basically everyone’s head is getting ripped off and people are dying. Of course, this is a pleasant surprise for a person who appreciates when their vampires come with gore.  The fight scene can pretty much be defined as epic, and makes up for me sitting around for an hour before this while they “train” against the Volturi. Speaking of their training, many of the other vampires who come and ally themselves with the Cullens bring a lot more fun to the table. It’s great, you’re no longer just watching a movie about the Cullens but also a movie about vampires. Lee Pace plays a pretty funny, charismatic, and lighthearted vampire with a love for battle, there’s a rather Kurt Cobain-like vampire who I’m sure has a more prominent position in the books, but in the movie just sulks around and makes people feel gloomy. I give Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen props for playing the creepiest people who do nothing, especially since I think Fanning’s complete number of lines in this movie summed up to about 5 words, three of them being “pain”.

But yes, aside from the massive bloodshed, all ends well for the protagonists and it’s a nice ending to a series that I’m sure many people are glad are over. In fact, the ending is a rare and happy ending for a love story involving a human and a supernatural being.  I finished the series the same way I started it, leaving it with no hard feelings. But more than that, it’s over. While the odd expanding and alternative universe of Twilight fanfiction seems to grow by the day, we can all, including Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, take a breath and say the Twilight saga is over.

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