The world of tabletop RPGs is growing by the day. Dungeons & Dragons is making a huge comeback after sinking into the shadows. If you’re going to play a tabletop RPG of any sort, odds are there’s one tool you won’t be able to live without: dice. 

Dice rolls determine the fate of characters everywhere as friends sit around a table and tell a story. Whether you’re playing a stormy barbarian or a sweet wizard, having a selection of dice at the table is important. 

I mean, what happens if one of your d20s keeps rolling 1’s? 

Below you will find a list of dice makers that I really dig. I’ve either been lucky enough to purchase dice from these companies, or they’re on my wish list. Of course this is not a comprehensive list and odds are there are some I’m missing. Never fear, I’m sure a follow-up post is in my future. 

Kraken Dice

I’m obsessed. Actually obsessed. I own more sets from Kraken than any other dice company. When I first got into tabletop games about a year ago I stumbled across their sets. Most of them were re-sales, sets you could get elsewhere. But oh buddy have they changed. 

Now? Now the husband-wife dream team are producing Kraken-specific sets and they are beautiful. They recently ran a very successful Kickstarter (which I backed) and continued to churn out amazing designs and colors. They’ve got dice for every race, class, and situation. 


The folks at Chessex are dice gods among men. They’re the gold standard. The first set of dice I ever laid my hands on were, unsurprisingly, Chessex. 

If you go to your local game store, odds are their dice bins are full of Chessex die. If you google “rpg dice” on ebay, you’re probably going to find them there too. Amazon as well. They’re everywhere. Why? 

Well, Chessex is probably the best selection of dice for the price. They might not seem as fancy as something from Kraken or some of the other dice peddlers we’ll mention, but they’re still wonderful. They roll well, look cool, and the variety is unbeatable. 

Tabletop Loot

I haven’t gotten my hands on anything from Tabletop Loot yet, but they’re on my radar. I’m constantly impressed with their selection of dice, especially for the price. They’re great because they’ve got other stuff, too. 

Need a gift for your DM? They’ve got shirts and mugs galore. Want to get a fellow player a gift for rolling so poorly? Pick up one of their dice jails. Want to shower your players with some love? Get everyone dice sets to match their characters. 

With the variety available for the price, you can get a lot of stuff for not a lot of money. 

Lucky Hand Dice

This one is for the more hardcore tabletop gamers out there. These are hand made, small batch dice that are absolutely stunning to behold. This also makes them extremely hard to get. The dice go up for sale every Sunday in limited quantities. 

The limited nature makes for some very unique and beautiful dice, but can be frustrating. It took me three tries three different weeks to snag one die – my prized green shimmery d8. Some of the dice are sold in sets but they’ll also sell single dice. 

Given how much work is put into creating each one, the prices are a bit steep. A full set can run up to $50, while a single d20 can put you out $15. The prices, however, reflect the intense work that is done to create truly one-of-a-kind products week after week. They’re not a mass manufacturer, and that makes scoring their dice all the sweeter.

Wiz Dice

You want dice? Like, a lot of dice? All at once? Then check out Wiz Dice. 

My tiny NYC apartment can’t handle the thought of buying so many dice in one go so I have yet to commit to one of their bags. However, I have friends who have and who claim they are great, especially for DMs. 

The quantity and price are really what you’re going for with Wiz Dice. The quality of each specific dice might be lacking (uneven number colors, strange color quirks) but that’s not why you buy Wiz Dice. You buy Wiz Dice before you take your players to face a mighty foe and need a crapton of d6s. 

It is also good for anyone starting out who wants the variety without the financial investment. 

It is not a comprehensive list, but it is certainly a start. Whether you’re just wading into the world of tabletop games or you’re looking to spruce up your collection, you can’t go wrong with any of the five listed above. 

Dice can be just as expressive as the characters themselves but be careful – once you start buying them, you might not be able to stop. 

Did we miss your favorite dice spot? Sound off in the comments!

3 thoughts on “5 Best Places To Buy Dice For Tabletop RPGS”

  1. Hey! This is a great list, but I was wondering if you had ventured down the path of handcrafted dice? My partner and I make handcrafted dice, along with a growing community, and I would love to hear what you think about handcrafted vs factory dice?

    1. Hi Stu, I love seeing folks do hand crafted dice – I even included a hand crafter on this list (Lucky Hand Dice) but would love to do a post show casing the hand made dice community. If you want to shoot me an e-mail I’d love to talk with you about a potential piece. You can shoot me a message at 🙂

  2. Chessex is such a go to staple of dice you can’t go wrong with any of their beautiful plastics. I also really love the gemstones and runic metal dice that Norse Foundry offers they can be found at Tabletop Loot has an amazing subscription loot box for monthly dice its kind of exciting to have new dice coming in every month to try out against whatever my DM throw against us this week the loot box is found here:

    Good selections overall Katie!

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