I started playing Dungeons and Dragons late last year and have been taken by the world of tabletop gaming. Like most tabletop players I found myself enchanted by all the accessories, particularly the variety of dice available. I’m serious people, you can never just buy one set and I am living proof that there can never be enough dice for one person. During my searches for the perfect dice to fit particular moods or characters, I discovered a wonderful company called Kraken Dice

One of their limited sets was about to be released and checked both of my boxes: pretty dice and a collector’s item. How could I turn it down? 

Turns out it was just the beginning of my Kraken Dice addiction. 

Since then I have become the proud owner of multiple sets that sit proudly in their own bag separate from the rest of my dice. Kraken Dice produce high-quality dice in beautiful colors with a theme to fit every possible situation. To add to their ever-growing collection, they recently launched a Kickstarter for their new line: the Mythical series, based on all sorts of mythical creatures found throughout the worlds that tabletop gamers explore.

Dive into the cold blue-green sea with the mermaid dice or touch the fire and be reborn like a phoenix. Are you a DM with a particularly crafty archfey that might be partial to the fairy set? Or a playable character with their head in the sky painted with beautiful blues, pinks, and purples like the unicorn set? Whatever the situation, class, race, or background, Kraken Dice’s latest Kickstarter will help enhance your tabletop experience. 

Plus there’s good news – this Kickstarter is already funded, well funded even, and multiple stretch goals have been unlocked providing more dice designs for your growing collection. The best part is there’s more to come, as further stretch goals are unlocked more will be created to expand the set as fans deem fit. You have a lot of tiers to choose from and a great deal of flexibility within them to get exactly what you want.

I’ve got my eye on at least the dragon set…

And hey, once you get all your dice you can check out our do-it-yourself dice tray tutorial for all your dice rolling and storing needs.

Ready to pledge and expand your dice collection? Head over to Kraken Dice’s Kickstarter now and check out the different pledge tiers. If you want to keep up with all the Kickstarter updates and hang out with a community of dice collectors you can check out their Facebook Group made specifically for this campaign. Cover all your bases and follow them on Twitter, too, so that you won’t miss a single beat.

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