Tumblr Goes Pro for April Fools’ Day

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Ever looked at Tumblr and thought, “Wow, it could use some new perks. Something to spice it up maybe?”

Well apparently the staff at Tumblr read your mind, because they have provided a way for users to upgrade their accounts. When you first login on April 1st, you will see something like this on your right hand side on the side bar:

tumblr pro


When you click on it, it activates a video player (which isn’t the official Tumblr video player, I might add) and you get to watch an inspiring video about what it means to be a pro. Essentially, the message is this: if you have an idea, you’re a pro. There are a lot of enchanting images of landmarks and people lounging in bed with Apple products all aimed to warm the cockles of your heart. It is professionally done and as the video continues on one can’t help but stop and wonder, “What kind of perks will I get?”

Maybe pro users will get an updated video player, better layout options, or a free handshake from the creator of Tumblr.

As the video finishes a screen pops up to confirm whether or not you really want to make the jump to Tumblr Pro. Being the adventurous gal that I am, I of course clicked “yes” with a loud whoop because I could practically taste the new features. The screen went black, almost as if I were being sucked into a vortex, and then like mana from heaven something beautiful came down.

i went pro

A top hat.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, when you upgrade to Tumblr Pro you get a stylish top hat added to your avatar. What a precious gift, bestowed upon us by the Tumblr st-

What’s that?



Aw crap.

All in all, this is one of the better April Fools’ Day pranks I have witnessed from a website I frequent. Happy April Fools’ Day! Browse the web carefully today, and go claim your free top hat!