As Funko gains popularity, their convention booth procedures continue to evolve. Last year, they introduced wristbands and this year, Funko has gone one step further by eliminating the need to line up for a wristband.

For New York Comic Con 2016, Funko has moved to an online raffle system that anyone interested must enter before September 26 at 12:01 AM. Winners will be notified by October 1 of the date and time of their entry into the Funko booth. Announcements for NYCC Exclusives began today and participation in this process is required in order to have a chance to visit the Funko booth at NYCC!


One thought on “NYCC 2016: Enter the Funko Booth Raffle Before the Convention”

  1. Sucks we only get a random chance at being able to purchase Funkos. Pretty upset I was going mainly for that only to find out that I can’t even buy any because I “randomly” wasn’t chosen. I rather just wait in a long line…

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