Destination America has really become a home for the paranormal.

After a successful first season of Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff (Ghost Adventures) and Katrina Weidman (Paranormal State), the network will bring Ghost Hunters vets Amy Bruni and Adam Berry together for Kindred Spirits, a working title, which will follow the duo as they help families tormented by paranormal activity at home, with the added stress that the spirits may be their own late family members. These four were joined by Haunted Collector‘s John Zaffis, who is considered one of the foremost authorities in paranormal investigation today, with more than 40 years of experience studying and investigating the field, at San Diego Comic-Con this past month to talk to us and to their fans about some of their most memorable experiences with the paranormal.

We got to sit down and talk a bit with the group about their outlook on how far paranormal investigation has gone in the last few years. “We’re not hiding in the paranormal closet anymore!” Adam Berry exclaimed. Katrina Weidman talked about how the presence of the subject in television allowed people to come out and talk about their own personal experiences, “it really brought it to a mainstream audience,” she said. John Zaffis praised Destination America’s move in making more paranormal television and allowing the content to come to the forefront. “It’s a lot more open today than it was years ago.”

The conversation was littered with personal stories and accounts of the paranormal, as you would imagine from a group of reknown paranormal researchers. When asked about the dangers of going into the field, Nick Groff admitted, “It’s just the line of work that we do, unfortunately, and sometimes when you play with fire you’re going to get burned eventually.” Groff, who worked for ten seasons on Ghost Adventures, has seen his fair share of the supernatural and has come into contact with enough to speak from first-hand experience. “For Paranormal Lockdown, we’re shooting in 6k resolution, which is the highest resolution possible to film. We’re seeing stuff that we’ve never seen before,” Groff added, when talking about the technology behind paranormal research and investigation.

When working with families and filming the investigations, Amy Bruni talked about the potential risks when it came to finding evidence and recordings that might scare their clients in their own homes. She remembers, remarking on a specific case, asking herself, “Is this going to make the situtaion better or make it worse for our client?” This is one of the struggles they face going into people’s homes to investigate, although both Bruni and Berry emphasize the importance of researching the case before going in, in order to know as much as you can. “There are no answers, everything we talk about is based off of theories and case studies,” Weidman added.

For those seeking to enter into the field and follow in the footsteps of these investigators, we asked the group for any tidbits of advice. Weidman, again, talked about the importance of doing your research, also on working with people you trust, and added, “Never go in expecting to know how something is going to go, because it’ll go exactly the other way.” Groff advised amateurs to be open-minded, while Bruni said, “Read up on the history of spiritualism, and where paranormal investigation started.”

“I think our field is like anything else, to perceive you have to gain knowledge,” Zaffis followed up. Berry also added, “Anyone can hunt ghosts, anyone can do what we do, just take it seriously, don’t make fun of it.”

“I think the coolest thing now that there are tons of people out there who do what we do, there are tons of people who have an interest in what we do, and they want to watch things that are true to what we do. Destination America has created a network where you can go and get that, 24/7,” Berry praised, calling the network a “one-stop paranormal shop,” where viewers no longer have to search for the content.

The group also teased Destination America’s “Ghostober” for the month of October. Nick Groff talked a little about the October 28th episode in which he and Weidman would be spending their lockdown inside of one of England’s most haunted locations, The Black Monk House.

Paranormal Lockdown will be returning October 28th for their second season. Haunted Collector airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c. Kindred Spirits (wt) was announced and green-lit for San Diego Comic-Con. You can find all three shows on Destination America, and you can find our press conference with the group below!

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