This is us, the original family. Now, we remain together, always. And forever.

What a refreshing episode! Was the major plot twist a little weird? Yes. But, was I glad to be away from Elena and her drama life? Also yes. So, if you weren’t aware, this episode was basically the backdoor pilot to the Originals getting their own spin off.

I must say, New Orleans has a much better sass to it than the dreary Mystic Falls. The French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Jazz, gumbo. It’s everything I loved rolled into one. We follow Klaus back to Louisiana, to New Orleans, after he gets a tip from Katherine who’s got a lead on a witch who might be moving against him, Jane Anne Devereaux.

Cut to Nola, where we find Hayley in a bar with a pair of witches. They direct her to a place where she can find her family, but end up actually putting a spell on her at the risk of their own lives to confirm that she is pregnant. And not just regularly pregnant. Pregnant with Klaus’s baby. I know. I may have to start putting reaction gifs into my reviews, because I was definitely not expecting that. Though I guess I had an inkling something was afoot when Klaus and Hayley got into bed together.

Anyways, Klaus makes it to the French Quarter and meets up with his old progeny, Marcel le Shell. Immediately, there’s a sense of a power struggled. How could there not be? Klaus built the city, he’s a legend. Marcel is now ruling it. Had it not been for their father, the whole Mikaelson family could have stayed there. But things have changed. Marcel is the king and he’s got everyone wrapped up in his rules. Except for Klaus, of course. Klaus lives by his own rules and the whole “follow my rules or you die” thing is pretty much useless with him.

Elijah makes his way down to the city, and after finding out about Hayley, tries to persuade Klaus to accept the child. He knows that they were happy once, in Nola, and that they could be happy again, especially with family. He views Hayley’s child as a miracle, and sees this as an opportunity to be happy. I see it as an opportunity for everyone to be sadder. You know, that somehow Hayley is going to die giving birth or something, and Klaus is just going to cry more at the loss of his heir.

There’s some good character development with Klaus. He meets a bartender on the street, and she unknowingly describes Klaus’s entire life. Katherine mentions it as well, that Klaus is very much like her. They are both very alone, and hate it. What was nice was the last little moment of Klaus calling Caroline. It might mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but seeing Klaus smile and seeing him happy is so rare it has to be noted.

Back in Mystic Falls, Katherine is being annoying but not causing too much trouble. Stefan and Damon continue to starve out Elena, and decide that it’s time to start torturing the emotions back into her. Yeah, that’s not going to destroy this relationship. Not at all.

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