Synopsis for 1×02: All around the world, strange animal behavior is picking up. Jackson struggles to find Abraham in the Savannah while in Los Angeles, Jamie and Mitch continue to investigate strange cat behavior.

Rating: ?????

Episode two picked up right where last week left off, with Abraham being dragged into a tree by lions. He was revealed to still be alive for the time being, though a little worse for the wear.

Back in Los Angeles, viewers met back up with Mitch and Jamie staring at a bunch of cats in a tree. If you’ll remember, last week it was mentioned that cats in a particular neighborhood had been going missing. The assumption was that someone was abducting them, but no one was certain. Jamie, a (now former) reporter for a Los Angeles paper and Mitch, a veterinary pathologist, were on the case. They found the cats in a tree at an elementary school which was about to double as a day camp. When faced with the cats, Jamie called Animal Control. However, right after she did the cats began to leap down from the tree. They all returned to their homes, and one in particular returned, purring, to its child.

Could they have run knowing Jamie called the police? Who knows.

Back in Botswana, Jackson bickered with the police about freeing him. There were more important things to tend to, like lions attacking people, and the fact he stopped a tourist from killing a rhino shouldn’t come first. After a bit of convincing he was allowed out and ran into Chloe who was on her way out. She’d been questioned about the incident and released. I couldn’t blame her for wanting to get the heck out of there. Jackson asked her for her number in case he needed more information from her, and as he checked his phone he realized Abraham had made a call.

Now, I don’t know if the lions were operating the iPhone or what, but considering the phone was very much on the ground long after Abraham had been dragged into the tree…I couldn’t help but wonder if they lions were the one who dialed the number. Ridiculous, I know.

Another location was introduced into the mix as the story switched to follow a family in Slovenia trying to adopt a child. They’re having some difficulty, since they’re stuck in the country a couple days until the adoption papers go through. Also, there’s a language barrier and the soon-to-be-mother is obviously hesitant. However, the child who had been upset after being taken away from petting a dog was calmed with the promise of going to see tigers at a circus. What could go wrong?

In Botswana, Jackson and the police found Abraham. As the lions closed in on them, they were able to get him out of the tree and into the jeep to safety.

Back in Los Angeles, Jamie was getting herself into trouble. She was looking into Reiden Global when an eviction noticed was delivered. Distracted by the notice and the manager’s son trying to convince her to go on a date, her computer was hacked into and her hard drive copied without her even knowing. A little later, she met up with Mitch and once again brought up Reiden Global. Her hatred for them was finally explained when she told him they “murdered her hometown.” Though details weren’t provided.

Abraham, after his rescue, was on the mend. Jackson talked with the local doctor, who turned out to be his mother, about the curiosity of the lion’s behavior. He also mentioned that he believed the behavior was deliberate. The lions weren’t going to kill Abraham, they wanted to use him as an example. They were showing that they were no longer scared of humans, in Jackson’s opinion, which of course would be absurd.

Another part of the world came to be as Chloe returned to her home in France. In the taxi she had a flashback to the lions, and it was obvious the whole thing had shaken her.

Jamie and Mitch in Los Angeles spoke with the Los Angeles Zoo about examining the lions, only to be told they’d already been destroyed. Yet she was able to get them connected with a lion cub to run tests on to try and find anything strange. As they do that, the stories begin to blend into each other more and the switches between settings became more fluid. In Botswana, Jackson connected the dots between the animal’s behavior and his father’s tapes, only to have his mother object.

In France, Chloe was revealed to be French secret service. Also, the fiance she had mentioned leaving behind apparently became an ex-fiance when he slept with her sister. Her sister, who showed up at work concerned for her after the lion attacks.

As bodies in Botswana were brought in, Jackson’s mother became troubled. She approached him and while she didn’t want to lose him to his father’s crazy theories, she knew something was strange about the attacks. So, she told him where the rest of his father’s research had ended up: Tokyo, Japan. She gave him an address and suggested he make a journey there to get the answers he was seeking.

Mitch and Jamie tested the lion cub and found it to have “hyper gamma frequencies” in its brain. When Jamie asked what it meant, Mitch looked grim as he explained that lions weren’t supposed to have them. Right as it was happening, the other big cats in the park were beginning to act up and Mitch pointed out that he feared they were communicating with each other somehow. Long distance. It was not a good sign.

Back in Slovenia, we revisited the parents who adopted a young Slovenian boy solidify the adoptions. Soon afterward, the dog from earlier that had been kicked out of the hotel per the father’s request stole the child’s toy tiger. The father, ready to win his new child over, went after the dog and followed him into an alley. It didn’t end well for him as he ended up getting attacked by the dogs as the screen pans away.

Jackson loaded up the car, ready to head to the airport to fly to Tokyo, and Abraham joined him. Even though Jackson encouraged Abraham to stay, the man refused. They were going to stay together, take care of each other, and that was the end of that story. As they made their journey, the setting returned to Slovenia where the mother and child waited for the father to return. Only, he never returned. The dog did, though, and much like the cat at the beginning of the episode, returned to the child and gave him back his toy.

Finally, it ended with Chloe being followed home by a mysterious man who “works for the same people” as she does. He said he knew what happened in Botswana, and told her about the dog attack in Slovenia, and admitted he believed they were connected. He also believed she could help them figure it out and offered to explain everything if she’d go with him.

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