So, a pretty exciting episode this week. Some crazy stuff went down.

There’s no funny beginning where an innocent bystander finds a body in shock, and we laugh about it. The body is figuratively dropped down on us as an unidentified disease of some sort is found ravaging a skeleton that is barely recognizable. The Jeffersonian team needs to get into their space suits and handle this situation. No, they literally have space suits. The bones are unknown if they cary airborne viruses, so they suit up and get the lab prepped. After some sciencey things, the disease eating the corpse is confirmed to be a non-airborne disease, so the suits are gone.

As the skeleton is being moved, Arastoo cuts himself on a left over broken off needle in the back of the girl and gets contaminated, throwing everything into over time. As Booth and Sweets investigate on the outside, the team plus the guy they brought in from the CDC search for a cure while trying to find details on the killer and the source of the disease.

The victim turns out to be a news blogger who has been chasing the case of a pharmaceutical group for a while. As with most Bones episodes the crime turns out to be just as complicated as the science. The head of the pharmaceutical firm’s been doing some nasty business, and one of their head scientists leaked the truth to the victim, who ultimately paid the price for her own knowledge. Luckily, he’s no match for the Jeffersonian/FBI crew!

Especially when they’re under stress, like Arastoo dying.

There’s a pretty heartbreaking moment with Cam and Arastoo that just makes me want to hold the screen and cry. There’s also a great scene with Bones and Hodgins working hard on an herbal cure that manages to stall the illness long enough for the FBI to track down the culprit. When the head of the firm, Dr. Thorne, is finally found, Booth breaks through bureaucratic red tape and bursts into the lab with Thorne by the neck, jamming his face into the corpse and then showing him Arastoo on his death bed. None of this fazes the man into giving up the antidote since it would confirm his guilt.

Then Bones does what needs to be done, and basically threatens him with a syringe with the disease on it. We find out later it was all a ruse, but Bones supports that had they had the virus she would have done the same for Arastoo. Obviously Thorne is terrified and gives in. In the end, Arastoo is saved! He and Cam end up happy together, and Bones and Booth can put another mystery solved under the belt.

Also that CDC guy that I lightly mentioned? He totally wants Bones. Hopefully we’ll see more of him because his puppy dog crush on Bones was hilarious and I want to see Booth’s opinion on the guy. Though, it’s not happening next week. Pelant is back, and hopefully this is the last of him. I know we’re suppose to hate villains, but this guy annoys me the most. The smug smile-in-your-face villains always make me want the worst types of death for them.

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