McDonalds Brought Back Szechuan Sauce from Dimension C-1998M Thanks to ‘Rick and Morty’ & You Might Be Able To Get Some For Yourself… TONIGHT?!

McDonalds has recovered some of that limited-edition Mulan-inspired Szechuan dipping sauce from a previously unvisited parallel universe. At least, that’s what the custom label on the half gallon that was sent to Justin Roiland and the accompanying letter said. To quote Roiland, “Holy shit!” And if none of this makes […]

SDCC 2016: We Get Hands-On With the Upcoming Rick and Morty VR Game at Adult Swim On The Green

Ladies, gentlemen, and multi-dimensional beings please bow down to your new overlords at Owlchemy Labs because they’ve done it. They’ve actually done it. They’ve captured the crazy, awesome, often-inappropriate fun of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty and some how made it into a VR game. Now, granted, the game isn’t available […]