PBS has no shortage of engaging and educational content; none encompasses that more than their brand-new four-hour docuseries, Gospel! It is a tale that dives deep into the Black community’s vibrant spirituality and profoundly layered history through sermons, songs, and everything in between. It is a moving, entertaining, informative, and ethereal experience that dabbles in many art forms on-screen that are blended in ways we have never seen before.

Nerdophiles had the immense pleasure of chatting with Directors & Producers Stacey L. Holman (Reconstruction: America After The Civil War) and Shayla Harris (Making Black America) on their personal history and experiences with the Black church, how Gospel music has impacted them, and what they hope audiences experience through this rich body of work. Check out our interview below:



Be sure to grab your family and friends and dive into the history and heart of Black spirituality through Gospel!

Gospel premieres February 12th & 13th only on PBS!

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