INTERVIEW: Inside PBS’ Webseries “Origin of Everything” with Star Danielle Bainbridge

Nerdophiles got a chance to interview Danielle Bainbridge, the star in PBS’ brainy new webseries, The Origin of Everything. The show explores the historical beginnings of everything from the hashtag to scary clowns. Each episode is incredibly well-researched and the production value is stellar – the visuals and animations alone […]

We Are Very, Very Amused: A ‘Victoria’ Season Review

Cast: Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes, Rufus Sewell, Alex Jennings, Peter Firth, Eve Myles  Produced By: ITV/PBS, Rebecca Eaton  Episode Count: 8 Genres: British Costume Drama  Review Spoilers: Light PBS | IMDB  “We are not amused” might have been the epitaph for her reign, but it’s certainly not how I felt watching the entirety of Victoria on […]