Nerdophiles had the pleasure of chatting with the actors of the new G.I. Joe action origin film, Snake Eyes! Directed by Robert Schwentke based on the Hasbro franchise, the film follows the titular character Snake Eyes (Henry Golding) who seeks revenge after a tragedy that transforms his whole life. Caught in a web of lies, deceit, and fury, Snake encounters and forms a brotherhood with Tommy (Andrew Koji) & the Arashikage clan, and finds way more than he bargained for. Not everyone trusts Snake so easily, and this includes Akiko (Haruka Abe), Tommy’s righthand woman in the clan. When Tommy’s past and family come back to haunt him, he and Snake will have to determine if their brotherhood can survive outside threats, including The Baroness (Úrsula Corberó). 

In our four-part interviews, watch stars Henry Golding, Andrew Koji, Haruka Abe, and Úrsula Corberó share how they trained to be a part of this film, lessons learned, who would be partners in a sequel, and so much more!

Snake Eyes is in theaters now!

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