Nerdophiles was on hand to chat with the fantastic Alycia Pascual-Peña (Chase) about her new role in the upcoming Peacock reboot of the 90s iconic sitcom, Saved by the Bell

A follow-up to the original, the new series takes us back to the legendary Bayside High but with a twist. Zack Morris (Mark-Paul GosselaarPitch) is now Governor and after some educational budget cuts on his part, a group of high school students from a school he closed now have to transfer to Bayside. 

Pascual-Peña plays “Aisha” who is the first Afro-Latinx character in this franchise, is brilliant, fierce, loyal, and more than meets the eye. Watch our sit-down with Alycia Pascual-Peña about her nuanced portrayal of Aisha, how the dynamic of her friendships change at Bayside, the cultural impact of this role, and how sports show another side of “Aisha” and help redefine womanhood onscreen, and so much more! 

Saved by the Bell begins streaming on November 25th, only on Peacock!

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