Lifetime produced a new movie this year starring the one and only Grumpy Cat, and let me tell you, it is everything you would expect from a cheesy Christmas movie with the star being a sour faced cat voiced by Audrey Plaza. This movie is witty, endearing, awful in all the right ways, and a bit funny. It easily climbs the list to one of the top movies of the season.

The movie revolves around Grumpy Cat and a girl named Crystal. Grumpy currently lives in a pet shop inside of a mall, and that pet shop is in a bit of financial trouble. Meanwhile,¬†Crystal still has her own problems of not having any friends outside of the workers of the mall. Though she’s down, she’s not out as she’s full of life, love, and basically everything Grumpy hates. Through a special wish, Crystal and Grumpy are able to talk and hear each other.

But that’s just the start. This movie includes high speed car chases! Explosions! Touching Moments! Product Placement! A Hero in leotard and cape!

This is one of those movies that if you really like cheesy things, you’ll like this.

Aubrey Plaza is a perfect Grumpy, and Megan Charpentier is charming as Crystal. Worst Christmas Ever¬†is a great change of pace to the normal overly sappy Lifetime movies that we get around this time of year. While there is sap, there’s a lot more sass. There are several moments where Grumpy makes fun of other Lifetime movies, and comments on the absurdity of the movie itself which makes it even better. And as an added bonus- ugly Christmas sweaters!

Check out future showings here on Lifetime’s site or check your local listings. This is a great movie to add onto your holiday movie list.


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