Servant, “Bear,” brings about a heartbreaking episode wherein viewers get a peek at the Turners’ past difficulties with conceiving and Sean seems to finally warm up to Leanne.

When Dorothy finds out she’s pregnant, Sean writes the name ‘Harry’ on the pregnancy test. There are many more pregnancy tests and many more names before Jericho, which explains why this baby was so important and such a devastating loss to the Turners.

Sean gets up to check on Jericho in the morning, only to find the crib empty. Instead, he finds the baby with Leanne in her room and lies to Dorothy about it. Instead of asking her about it after Dorothy leaves for work, Sean decides to put a nanny cam in Leanne’s room so that he can keep an eye on her – because that’s the normal, healthy way of handling things. 

Just kidding, it’s actually super invasive and creepy no matter what the circumstances are! Especially when he spies on her and hides it from his wife.

That night, Dorothy expresses an interest in taking Jericho to work with Leanne, but Sean talks her out of it. It’s another near-miss of people finding out that they have a real baby… except don’t only a few people know that they lost the baby in the first place? Tobe hasn’t seemed phased by seeing a real, breathing baby in the house. On the other hand, if they’re still figuring out what to do about the whole situation, who can blame them for keeping it a secret.

It isn’t properly communicated to Leanne that she’s not taking Jericho on a field trip, so she’s up and ready before Sean can callously break the news to her. Later when she’s out on a walk with Jericho, Sean shows Julian the video feed he set up and shares his latest theory: Leanne brought the baby with her to the house.

When he’s watching the news that day, he notices Leanne and Jericho in the background of Dorothy’s reporting. Dorothy didn’t notice, but Leanne comes home and immediately confirms it to both of them. Rather than fighting Sean, she disarms him by telling him that he was right: Jericho’s too young to be around that many people. Besides Sean trying to extend the olive branch to Leanne when Jericho was still the Reborn Doll, this is one of the only other times they’ve come to an agreement.

In the kitchen later, Sean is cutting potatoes and Leanne comes downstairs for a snack. She opts to try his experimental lobster ice cream while he tells her about Dorothy’s issues with conceiving. Dorothy has an auto-immune issue where her body attacks the baby and they had a lot of miscarriages in the past. Rather than react to that sad story, Leanne tells Sean that the ice cream needs chocolate sauce. It immediately sparks inspiration in redesigning the dish, since he still can’t taste anything. 

He asks her why she picked the Turners and her response is that she knew she’d be happy here. Later, she’s watching one of Dorothy’s old news segments where she’s covering a child beauty pageant. Dorothy talked to a shy little girl whose name was Leanne…

Nell Tiger Free plays Leanne with just the right mix of naivete and cunning in this episode. She was promised an outing with Dorothy and she was determined to have that, one way or another. But, it’s the slow acceptance from Sean that is intriguing in this episode. As Leanne makes herself useful for his work, he appears to be warming up to her. Whether that’s a good sign or not remains to be seen.

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