Teen Wolf: Lunar Ellipse (3×12)

Synopsis: Scott, Stiles and Allison find the Nematon but the Lunar eclipse is fast approaching and times running out for them to take down Jennifer and save their parents.

Rating: ?????

After weeks of ‘Moondays’ we finally reached the mid-season finale of Teen Wolf’s third season on Monday 19th.

Scott, Stiles and Allison rise from their bathtubs in a large white room. Soaking wet and still looking unfairly attractive they approach the stump with trepidation. Scott stares at the rings on the wood and then at his tattoo and we have a flashback of him describing what it means to Derek (someone’s going to have to explain to me the connection because even after watching it three times this scene still didn’t make sense to me).

Looking good, boys
Looking good, boys

Scott touches the tree and he is brought back to the woods where his whole story began. He watches his younger self search for his lost inhaler and then get bitten. This brings him stumbling onto Nematon.

Stiles is next, he sees past him and Scott walking through the woods searching for a dead body before he’s caught by his father. He then also finds the Nematon.

When it’s Allison’s turn we see her past self and her driving down the road and almost hit Scott. Allison convinces her mom to turn back in case the guy they almost killed is hurt and she gets about the car and runs into the woods following footprints and sees the inhaler on the ground. Victoria throws the inhaler away and drags Allison back to the car. Present Allison stands where the inhaler drops and looks up to the Nematon. Then she wakes up and the intro begins.

The three musketeers stumble out of their baths talking over each other as they each try to say where the Nematon is. The others aren’t as happy as they should be, after all these kids did risk their lives to find this tree. It turns out they’d been out for 16 hours and that the full moon rises in less than 4.

In his loft Derek wakes as Cora helps him drink water and they share a moment. Peter’s there too and can’t help but burst the sibling bonding by saying that Derek most likely going to be killed by Kali now, but let’s be honest with or without his Alpha powers Kali could always kill him.

In Deaton’s office Stiles and Scott clash about whether or not Scott should go back to Deucalion. In fact everyone thinks this is a bad idea, everyone but Deaton of course because this guy lives to be difficult. Deaton thinks that they could use him as bait against Jennifer, and this can only end badly. Their discussion is cut short when Ethan asks for Lydia’s help stopping Kali and Ethan from killing Derek.

You've walked into the wrong neighbourhood
You’ve walked into the wrong neighbourhood, son

The parents are still chilling in the root cellar. The Sheriff comforts Melissa telling her that Jennifer won’t slash their throats, she’ll strangle them first and then slash their throats. Now we all know where Stiles gets his charm from.

Back in the loft Ethan and Lydia warn Derek that Kali is coming for him and his little pack too. Peter convinces Derek to run. Derek asks how they know he’s going to lose and I think we all laughed at this moment because, honey, all you do is lose.

At the Argent’s Scott, Allison and Isaac are stopped by Agent McCall before they can look for something the wolves can use to sniff out Chris. While at the Loft the Hales aren’t there to Kali’s frustration. Lydia doesn’t budge when questioned and when Kali takes a step towards her Aiden growls.

As he, Scott and Allison are grilled about what they know about the goings on of Beacon Hill Isaac snacks on an icebreaker in what has to be TV’S most subtle product placement.

Kali’s about to put Aiden in his place when Jennifer smashes in through the glass window and wins the award for Beacon Hills’ most dramatic entrance (sorry Derek, I know how much you love to make them). With a flip of her gorgeous long locks she effectively throws down the gauntlet. She and Kali fight and Jennifer wins, Aiden tries on his own and his luck isn’t’ much better. Then the twins undress (and god bless this shows obsession with shirtless men) and they begin to join but Jennifer is having none of that and rips them apart.

Kali gets up for another round. She and Jennifer stand head to head and hash out some repressed feelings. In a demonstration of power Jennifer raises the hundreds of shards of glass across the ground and when Kali shows no remorse for what she did Jennifer pierces Kali with them killing her. And I was not happy about this because I liked Kali, she was awesome, but I understand that bad guys die, so I would of accepted this death no problem if not for future events but more of that later.

teen wolf 3x12 pic 3
Jennifer Blake is ready to rumble

In this time the twins have managed to combine into superwolf and charge at Jennifer and she snaps their neck with ease.

At the Argent’s when it becomes apparent that the feds aren’t going to let them go Allison http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/acyclovir takes things into her own hands and pulls a smoke grenade and she and the boys escape. Meanwhile a storms brewing in Beacon Hills and the wild winds cause Stiles to crash into a tree.

Jennifer gets Lydia to scream to attract Derek attention and he turns back to help her. Scott, Isaac and Allison decide to go on without Stiles when they do not hear from him. The three of them meet Deucalion on a hill overlooking the town and Scott instructs Isaac and Allison to try and find Stiles so that they can find and rescue the parents while he goes with Deucalion.

Jennifer tries to convince Derek that he killed the Alphas for him and their love but Derek isn’t falling for it so she switches tactics and uses the parents as an incentive for him to help her kill Deucalion.

Isaac and Allison manage to find the parents but before they can all escape the raging storm destroys parts of the root cellar wrecking the stairs.

Still in the loft Lydia and Cora are startled to discover that Ethan and Aiden are still alive (I’m still so angry about this, so freaking angry! Kali dies and they don’t, how can you even justify this, Jeff?).

At the abandoned distillery Derek and Jennifer come face to face Scott and Deucalion and the main event begins. To start things off Deucalion turns into his werewolf self and he wasn’t kidding when he called himself the demon wolf because there is certainly something demonic about that face.

The parents, Allison and Isaac are still trapped underground and the entire cellar begins to cave but before it can squish them Isaac hold up the beams with his supernatural strength.

As the fighting continues it quickly becomes apparent that Jennifer’s awesome Darach powers don’t work on Deucalion and even with Derek’s help combined they still can’t take him. He throws Derek to the side and grabs Jennifer by the neck forcing her to her knees by Scott, who he tells to kill her. When Scott doesn’t do anything Deucalion drags him closer through supernatural force. Both bad guys try to manipulate Scott to kill the other but Scott doesn’t have to listen to them because he has a pack he can rely on.

Deucalion then tries to physically force Scott into killing Jennifer but Scott has a surprise up his sleeve. He uses the Argent’s sparkly arrow heads and momentarily blinds Deucalion. But it doesn’t all work out for him as Jennifer escapes when the lunar eclipse starts.

The root cellar is about to completely collapse on top of our beloved characters trapped underneath but have not fear for Stiles is here and so is his bat that manages to hold up the falling ceiling.

From the rising winds the Darach appears and enters the distillery with the completely powerless werewolves. She easily throws Scott out of her way and grabs Deucalion, smashing his head repeatedly on the ground. She’s mere moments from killing him until Derek stops her. He uses her anger over her appearance and she heals Deucalion’s sight so he can see what he has made her into. But it’s a trick as this means that she’s used powers and can’t finish the ‘demon wolf’ off. She asks Derek to kill Deucalion for her, you know because they used to date meaning he owes her or something, but he says no because he’s a predator not a killer (that’s my boy). He demands that she lets them go but Jennifer decides to slap him around for going against her. We get a flash back to the second episode when Cora and Boyd (gone but not forgotten, by the fandom at least) were feral and attacked Derek.

The true alpha, ladies and gents
The true alpha, ladies and gents

Then the eclipse ends but before the werewolves can get to her Jennifer encloses herself in a mountain ash circle and threatens to kill the parents. When all hope seems to be running out our hero steps up and brings us hope. Scott proves himself to be a true Alpha and breaks through the magic barrier and tells Jennifer to stop the storm or else he’ll kill her, Deucalion on the other hand simply slashes Jennifer’s throat. Her death brings an end to the storm so everyone in the root cellar is safe. So are the twins (STILL SO ANGRY) and we watch as Derek and Scott let Deucalion go with a warning like he’s a child and not a murderer who helped capture two teenagers and was the one who kick started most of this season’s trouble to begin (SO. MUCH. RAGE!).

Home and safe Allison proposes that she and her father have a new code ‘we protect those who can’t protect themselves’.

The episode draws to its end with Scott’s voice, he explains that Derek’s left town with Cora; his dad’s staying and that when he feels the darkness in his heart he looks for his friends.

But that’s not the end of it as it looks like Jennifer may just survive and live another day. Or maybe not because Peter’s still in town and he hasn’t been murdering lately so he decides to change that. Oh and he may still be an Alpha.

And on that pleasant note we say goodbye to Teen Wolf until January.

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