Gauntlet Con 2019 is almost here! The Gauntlet gaming community is hosting their annual convention later this month and I am absolutely so stoked to share this with all the Nerdophiles readers out there. You know we’re fans of RPGs around these parts but there’s more out there than just D&D! That’s where The Gauntlet comes in!

For those not in the know, The Gauntlet is a gaming community predominantly focused on smaller and independent tabletop RPGs, and the communal aspect of playing and creating them. Each month The Gauntlet hosts hundreds of hours of great online gaming.

Community members run games of all varieties for folks to join in and try out different systems, settings, and stories, usually over the course of 3-4 sessions. Every day the Slack group is bursting with great ideas, new approaches to games and mechanics, and best table practices to grow and foster a supportive, inclusive group and community at large. What I’m getting at is it’s an incredible community to be a part of. And you absolutely should join us!

You’ll find links to join not just Gauntlet Con 2019 but The Gauntlet community at the bottom of this post.

gauntlet con 2019

The Gauntlet, a gaming community focused on small-press and independently published tabletop roleplaying games (including story games, Powered by the Apocalypse games, and old-school adventure games), is proud to announce Gauntlet Con 2019.

Gauntlet Con, an annual convention in its third year, will be Oct. 24-27 and is entirely online, with a global community talking and playing games via video conferencing around the clock. We’re currently over 170 games and have more than a dozen panels and workshops.

Our guests include 31 game designers, community leaders, podcasters, cartographers, and illustrators from the tabletop design world, including representatives from Misdirected Mark Podcast Network, Hydra Cooperative, Dundas West Games, Magpie Games, Goodman Games, Pelgrane Press, UFO Press, Old Skull Publishing, Storybrewers, and Smoking Mirror Games. We’re also hosting over 70 volunteer GMs, panelists, and workshop leaders.

Game sessions at Gauntlet Con put the focus on work from independent designers, with an emphasis on lightweight games that rely on a “theatre of the mind” playstyle. While you won’t find sessions of market-dominating games like Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, you will get chances to play some hit small-press games in a variety of genres like classic fantasy (Dungeon World and Dungeon Crawl Classics), paranormal romance and urban fantasy (Monsterhearts and Dark Streets & Darker Secrets), supers (Masks), space-faring adventure (Infinite Galaxies and Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells), and British comedies of manners (Good Society). There will also be playtest games like Ravenous, The Fleet, Generations, and Survival of the Able, and chances to try our some Gauntlet-published games like Trophy and Hearts of Wulin.

As an online con, the only cost for attending is registration, and the registration cost is $10. Gauntlet Patreon Backers and volunteers get in free. We also have the ability to provide a scholarship for free admission to students, people experiencing financial hardship, or members of marginalized communities.

Committed to creating diverse and respectful gaming tables that are free of harassment and abuse, The Gauntlet hosts hundreds of games a year on its regular calendar. We also produce several podcasts, publish our monthly zine Codex, and maintain one of the most vibrant and friendly communities around.

Find out more about Gauntlet Con, including a full list of guests, on The Gauntlet’s website.

Watch this space as our coverage of Gauntlet Con 2019 continues!

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