You know you’ve got a hell of a story when Westboro Baptist Church calls you out on it, and that’s exactly what Toe Tag Riot‘s got. Returning for another 4-issues of punk-rock justice, this fantasy band is more relevant than ever given the headlines and growing unrest in today’s world.

Sometimes the cure is a band of cursed zombies who like to smash Nazis and eat racists.

The story goes a little like this: the punk band Toe Tag Riot love a good jam session. They’ve got their fans, their music, and their normal lives. But there’s a catch to all of their success and skill. Whenever they start playing their music they go through a literal transformation, shifting from human to zombies.

The good bit is that they’re ethical zombies. You know, the kind that only “murderize” the types of people who might deserve it anyway. It is campy, bright, and unforgiving in its storytelling. It is a comic that makes a statement, and that’s why you should get in now for the Kickstarter and not wait around.

Return of the Toe Tag Riot is headlined by writer Matt Miner (GWAR: Orgasmageddon, Poser) and artists/illustrator Sean Van Gorman (Love is Love). They plan to release the series digitally first, followed by a trade release.

$15 gets you all four digital issues as a backer, and that’s a deal that can’t be beat. The more you pledge, the better rewards you can unlock. There are some good ones too, including a commission from Jonathan Brandon Sawyer.

The best news is that you can pledge NOW to help push this project to the finish line. So don’t wait, check out the Kickstarter page for more info including previews of the comic.

Oh, and tell your friends.

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