Title: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank
 Matt Rosenberg
Artist: Tyler Boss
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Release Date: November 21, 2017
Publisher: Black Mask Comics
Review Spoilers: Low
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After hearing so many awesome things about 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank during it’s original run I finally decided I needed to check it out for myself. And I can’t believe it took me so long. If any book deserves to be on a ‘Best Comics of 2017’ list it’s this one. 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank blends an excellent story with some amazing artwork and gives readers a book they aren’t likely to forget any time soon.

Evoking the nostalgic look and feel of the 1980s, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank follows a group of preteen misfits as they decide whether or not to rob a bank. While the book may seem like the set up for any number of quirky, kid-focused movies (also from the 1980 and 1990s) this is definitely not a story for kids. Paige, Berger, Walter, and Stretch may be losers who spend their nights playing Dungeons and Dragons but they also have some seriously foul mouths. 

Like, seriously foul mouths.

The basic set up sees an eleven year old girl named Paige, who is the ringleader of her little group, basically convincing her friends to rob a bank. It’s not like they really want to rob a bank. But Paige’s dad has a past history of criminal activity and rather than let her dad get wrapped up in his criminal friends’ plans she decides to rob the bank before they can. It’s not exactly a smart idea but, hey, she’s eleven and her only remaining parent could go to jail if he gets caught!

I loved the kids in this book. It’s great watching these nerdy little dudes try to figure out how they can rob a bank. All of the characters set themselves apart with their own personalities and little quirks. Obviously, Paige takes centerstage as the unrefuted ringleader of their little group. But the rest of them are great, too. I loved Berger who basically takes on the part of comic relief. He’s always quick with an inappropriate quip and he plays the archetype well. With Stretch and quiet, nerdy Walter rounding out the team they’ve got all the smarts and skills they need to move forward with their terrible plan.

From start to finish, Matt Rosenberg spins a tale that will keep readers hooked. 

But while the story is great and I loved it, the artwork really needs some recognition. Tyler Boss is amazing. I loved the look and feel of this book. From the character designs to the backgrounds, it’s one of the best looking books I’ve read this year. One of the reasons I probably liked it so much is I like that simpler style and it reminds a bit of David Aja’s work on Hawkeye and The Immortal Iron Fist. It works perfectly with the story that’s being told and he does a really great job mixing in that nostalgic feel to everything.

Basically, I loved 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank from start to finish and I can’t recommend it enough.

I still can’t believe it took me so long to finally read this book!

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank is the kind of book that you can give anyone regardless of how much they may know about comics beforehand. It’s a great story with some seriously dark humor that will appeal to a wide variety of readers — as long as they’re not put off by a bit of profanity and some inappropriate jokes. Matt Rosenberg and Tyler Boss definitely did something great with this one. It deserves all the praise it’s gotten and more.

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