If you were a kid growing up in the 90’s, you likely held a Pokemon card at least once. Pokemon cards we released in different runs. I can still see the original foil packaging in my head. I imagine the creators of The End of Pokemon can, too.

During one of the runs, the creators of Pokemon tried on dark Pokemon for size. These were from the Team Rocket series, depicting Pokemon far more frightening than the standard Charmander or Bulbasaur. They were beautiful, in a dangerous way.

When I watched The End of Pokemon, a new bootleg trailer from Adi Shankar (Netflix’s Castlevania), that run of Pokemon cards is what came to mind. The trailer explores a world where Ash has lost his beloved Pikachu and begins to question Pokemon society.

As a result of his doubts, in the midst of his grief, he sets out on a new quest: to free them all.

It goes about as well as one can expect. A mob rises, banding together with Ash in his stalwart desire to free Pokemon from their perceived prisons. There are cameos from Misty and Brock, Professor Oak, and of course Team Rocket. Everyone becomes embroiled in one young man’s quest to avenge his fallen best friend.

Animated by Angry Metal Studios and released by Octopie, The End of Pokemon explores a dark parallel universe to the one we all know and love. It is fascinating, visceral, and leaves us wondering when we might get a full length animated film to explore this very thing.

It is about time for it, right?

Whatever the case, be sure to check out the trailer for The End of Pokemon. The terrifying rendering of Pokemon we know and love is fantastic, even if the story is hard to take.

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