At PAX Unplugged last weekend we had the chance to check out a lot of new games. One set that caught my eye came from the New Experience Workshop. This crew is a two-person team who have come together to create a series of mini games that make perfect stocking stuffers for the casual gamers in your life.

I grew up playing cards with my mom. She always had a deck on hand to entertain restless children on the go. When I saw the Stocking Stuffer Collection, I recalled fond memories of impromptu card games.

There are three games in this collection, each entirely unique. They fit snuggly into a highly portable wallet, meaning they’ll stash nicely in a purse, backpack, or back pocket. Some require small table space, but others like Oscar Bait can be played entirely on the go.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect from the games in this Kickstarter:

Pocket Pitch & Putt

People like golf. One-half of the New Experience Workshop team (Rachel) and I are vexed by this, but continue on nonetheless. The point of this mini game is to make your way through a game of golf without your swings getting disrupted by other players.

The cards provide a full 18-hole game, broken in half. This is where the design is genius and compact: when you’re ready for the back nine, you just flip the front nine cards over and you’re golden.

Game play is simple. You choose your type of swing and each one has its own conditions. Control and how far you’re able to move are determined by your choice. More control means your opponents won’t be able to push your ball too far off course. Less control lets you move further in a single turn, but your ball may be swayed.

Even if you aren’t a golf enthusiast, this game is pretty fun.

Oscar Bait

If you’ve ever been disappointed when your favorite film didn’t win an Oscar, this game might be for you. This game is just as simple as the last, requiring only the deck of cards provided. The goal? Come up with a slate of films that will score you the most points.

There are two phases: audition and sabotage. During the audition phase, cards are passed around and players get to choose one at a time. Each card has two possible uses! The first is as a value-scoring film that you can slot into your schedule. The second is a possible effect it can have on an opponent during the sabotage phase.

Once everyone’s hands are played, the sabotage phase begins. This is where you can choose to use the effects of cards you kept face down during the sabotage phase to pull down the value of your opponent’s schedule.

At the end of it all, the player with the highest valued schedule wins.

Sewing Circle

The final game is for all those puzzle afficionados. Sewing Circle is a card-swapping game where your goal is to keep your ribbon from getting tangled. Just like it is in arts and crafts, maintaining a continuous piece of ribbon can be a challenge.

You and your opponents will be working against each other. Each turn you reveal a new ribbon card and then decide whether you want to leave it where it is, or swap it for another card in the line. It is simple, accommodates 2-3 players, and is a quick-and-easy way to kill time.

When we caught up with Rachel from New Experience Workshop at PAX she shared her excitement about the games. They’ve been a labor of love, and I think they turned out great. They’re bound to make great stocking stuffers this holiday season.

The Kickstarter only runs until Friday, so be sure to BACK NOW and get a discount on the regular price. There’s no going wrong with these games!

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