Let’s all take a collective breath to decompress what was another year of buying San Diego Comic Con tickets. It’s done, it’s over, and we can all relax… right up until Hotelpocalypse is upon us.

This year, the first snafu occurred as everyone rushed to log into their Member ID for their registration code to get into the waiting room. Multiple people on Twitter (and I experienced this firsthand) reported being unable to load the page, ultimately leading to Comic Con to email everyone their registration code. Personally, I continued to refresh until I got my code – which was the right thing to do, as my email went out at 11:38 AM EST, but it didn’t hit my inbox until 12:05 PM EST. If I had waited for it to come through, I wouldn’t have even gotten into the waiting room this morning.

With that settled, we were all prepared to hurry up and wait to be sorted into random groups. A few minutes after 9 AM PST and we were all still staring at that blue circle on the landing page.

Ten minutes into it and Comic Con made sure to give us all a little reality check.

Twenty three minutes into the battle and all of us at Nerdophiles were still nervously awaiting anything other than the spinning blue circle of mockery.  

Sadly, our buying group met with heartbreak as we watched days sell out.

9:30 AM – Preview Night sold out!

9:43 AM – Saturday sold out!

9:45 AM – Friday sold out!

9:55 AM – Thursday sold out!

9:59 AM – Sunday sold out!

In under an hour, all tickets for San Diego Comic Con 2015 were sold out – something that has never happened before!

Collectively, there were eight of us trying to buy tickets for various days for five people. One person got in with a different buying group, three of our friends got Thursday/Sunday badges and one person was shut out completely. Not exactly a resounding success, but we’re always happy to get anything at all under this new lottery system. If you ended up with the Thursday/Sunday split, don’t forget to start looking into the offsite events to fill up those days in between!

How did you do in the open registration for San Diego Comic Con 2015?

Let us know in the comments! And tell us how many of our bingo squares you filled up!  

2 thoughts on “SDCC Ticket Lottery: How Did You Do?”

  1. I wish we could have gotten more days for everyone but I’m really glad we got even Thursday/Sunday tickets for people!

  2. Beyond the lag for registration codes, I’d say this year went smoothly as far as actual execution went? If they just email the codes as they open the waiting room next year, I think they’ve got a pretty solid system going?

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