While it had plenty of problems, Venom did end up being a lot of fun. The beginning of the film has a weird pacing that throws us off but once Eddie becomes Venom for the first time the action picks up and it becomes entertaining. Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock going back and forth from Eddie to Venom was hilarious. Something that could be of serious benefit to the sequel is an R-rated script.

Sure some may not immediately think R-rated when thinking of Venom, but considering we don’t really have Spider-Man in this universe, R-rated will add more character. It will give us a side of Venom that perhaps we’ve been craving and didn’t know that we were.

Remember when we got an R-rated Logan? We waited for the moment we’d finally see Wolverine in all his R-rated glory and got it. It ended up being perfect. We saw Logan in a way that we hadn’t seen in all the X-Men films. It was brutal, gory, emotional, intense and added a depth to the film that catapulted it into an instant classic. It was a chance to see Logan/Wolverine finally be himself. In all the X-Men films, we didn’t get to see him go to his full potential, but with Logan, he went above and beyond.

Granted Venom is not Logan and not a character most of us thought would get a solo film, so because of that very reason, they should take a chance and make the sequel R-rated.

Venom’s mid-credit scene sets up a sequel that will probably feature a familiar foe. Woody Harrelson playing Cletus Kasady aka Carnage and the scene inspires the thought of an R-rated sequel with Carnage is awesome. Carnage is crazier and more violent than Venom so we need an R-rated script to get an amazingly accurate portrayal of Carnage.

Also, Woody Harrelson is a fantastic actor who is going to bring an incredible level of intensity to Carnage. 

The level of intensity we could see with Venom VS Carnage is astronomical. Sony could have their Logan. If Sony’s plan for Venom is a small cinematic universe of its own, they should experiment with an R-rated script for the next film and see how it does and if it gets more people to the theater to watch. And if it does, the third film can also be R-rated and Sony will get the success they’ve been wanting. It’s been proven that the comic book movie audience is more than just the PG crowd.

Could you see the sequel as R-rated? Do you think Sony should experiment with R-rated? Could it be beneficial or should they just stick with PG-13? Tell us all your thoughts and concerns in the comments section below! 

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