NYCC Tuesday Tips is a new series we’re trying out in anticipation of New York Comic Con 2018 this October. Similar to our San Diego Comic-Con Sundays, we will be compiling tips and tricks for making the most out of your time at the convention based on our past experiences. New tips come out every Tuesday right here on the blog. 

Last week’s topic: Meeting Creators & Talent

This Week: The Final Tips 

It is time to face the music: New York Comic Con is coming, whether we’re ready or not. Starting Thursday, nerds will descend on New York City for one of the biggest popular culture conventions in the country. There will be cosplay, there will be panels, there will be swag, and most importantly there will be you

If you’ve been following along then you should already be pretty prepared for what’s to come. The hard put is (mostly) over. That’s why this week we’re sticking less with a theme and more filling in the gaps with tips we didn’t have enough of for a post of their own. Hopefully these will help you prepare for the incoming convention. 

1. Start thinking about snacks now. 

We’ve written two posts on the issue of snacks at conventions, one for New York Comic Con last year and another for San Diego Comic Con. You’re going to be on the go a lot and as we’ve stated in a previous article, food near the Javits Center may be hard to come by. If you plan out your snacks now, you’ll have time to get them from the grocery store and pack them away into handy go-packs to grab on your way to the event. 

It is probably a good idea to start putting in reservations for restaurants you want to try this weekend now, too. That way you will beat the crowds who will likely be scrambling last minute to find a great place to hang out for dinner. 

2. Buy and charge up your external batteries.

The advent of the external battery was a life changer for con-goers. It was not so long ago that you had to worry about whether or not you’d be able to find an outlet in a time of need. Now, you can grab an external battery on Amazon for under $20 to keep you going at the convention. 

If you’re not on the two-day shipping train, or you’re coming into town Wednesday, then swing by just about any electronics store asap to pick one up. You won’t regret adding this little piece of tech to your array of stuff that you’re bringing to the con. 

3. Check your bag at the con on Sunday.

If you’re traveling, odds are you’re going to be checking out of your hotel or airbnb on Sunday before the convention ends. If you’re still hoping to catch that final early morning panel, fear not. New York Comic Con provides a place to check bags, usually for a small cash fee per item. You can dump your stuff there and grab it before you head out to catch your plane, train, or taxi to your next destination. 

4. Take a screenshot of your schedule and save it as your phone wallpaper or lock screen.

If you can, try to make your schedule into a screenshot-able image that you can save onto your phone. Set it as your lock screen or your wallpaper and you will save valuable battery life and always know where you’re going. 

Save your back-up schedules in your gallery so you’re not panicking when you turn up to a panel you wanted to go to and find it full, you know exactly where you’re headed next. 

5. Finally, have fun y’all.

If you want more tips for last minute plan alterations, check out the post we’ve got filled with tips from San Diego Comic Con. At the end of the day, I want you to take this to heart that New York Comic Con is about having fun

If you’re starting to get cranky and tired of the people around you, take a break. Go find a semi-empty panel room, quiet corner, or walk down to the Hudson River and get some air. Nothing at New York Comic Con is going to be worth losing your cool over. If your gut it telling you to abandon the panel you had planned to go check out another event, or even do something as simple as grab a bite to eat? Follow it. 

Odds are at a convention as big as New York Comic Con all the planning in the world won’t be able to overpower those gut feelings you sometimes get. Usually, your gut will lead you to the fun, meaningful experiences. 

6. Look around you.

Okay, I lied. There’s a 6th tip for you: look around. Look at the people, look at the vendors, look at the panelists, and revel in it for a little while. Conventions are a beautiful crossroad of popular culture fans. Comics, film, television, crafts, cosplay, you name it and someone at New York Comic Con is going to be a fan of it. 

So enjoy the people around you, even when you’re grumpy from standing in lines all day. Turn to the person next to you and see if striking up a conversation is appropriate. If someone looks upset or exhausted, offer to help. Remember that at the end of the day New York Comic Con is one big family gathering, albeit a weird and sometimes smelly family. 

Each and every one of you can make the convention a little better for someone else by being aware of your surroundings and looking out for your fellow human being. Don’t let the need to have “the best” convention overpower your decency. In today’s world, we need to love each other just a little more than we usually might. 

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Have a wonderful convention and keep an eye out on the blog for the latest news from the show floor. 

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