With the end of E3 day 2, Ubisoft’s Lead Writer for Darby McDevitt is on Twitter answering questions from fans! With these answers come a clearer vision of what we are going to expect in late October of this year. You can find all of the questions and answers at their official twitter, but I’ll be talking about some of the more important revelations.

As far as word about the Vita game Rising Phoenix, Ubisoft is keeping their lips sealed on what is going on.

On seeing some of the past assassins, some are seen, but all are mentioned. I presume that it’ll be through the new meta character, the Abstergo scientist taking the place of Desmond Miles from the previous games since Edward is not on the same timeline as any of the other assassins except Haytham, obviously. On questions about next-gen exclusives, McDevitt has no idea, however being the lead writer and not the lead marketing director, I wouldn’t expect him to have any idea.

@Nodar08 asked an interesting question about hearing more on the actual assassin’s creed, which we don’t actually know too much about aside from Altaïr’s tale.

He also posed a question about where the timeline would be in the modern world storyline, which I am interested in especially since we will be looking through the eyes of Abstergo.

Game director Ash Ishmael said to Eurogamer that “The hero is yourself. You’re working for Abstergo Entertainment, and you’re using the Animus technology. You’re a research analyst, and you don’t know why, but you’re told to research the life of this guy Edward Kenway.”

Some question whether or not Desmond really died, and while it is definite that he is dead, he might still appear to us.

Unfortunately not too many questions were answered, but enough to whet my appetite for more of the game. I’m curious to see how they take the Abstergo angle of the story, seeing as the line between Templar and Assassin seems to continue to blur as the series continues. The game has been reported to play the modern timeline through first person instead of third person. Will we see a more immersive story with the scientist like we did in the Desmond stories? Or will it be a game more immersed in Edward’s tale and keeping the modern world as an afterthought?

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  1. I wonder, how much of Abstergo can we explore when reliving the memories of Edward. When we choose to exit the animus.

  2. I wonder, how much of Abstergo can we explore when reliving the memories of Edward. When we choose to exit the animus.

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