There is a never-ending list of underrated actors and actresses in Hollywood and one name that continues to be on it is Melanie Lynskey. Melanie Lynskey has been doing tremendous work for years and yet she is still highly underrated. 

Melanie was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand and has 3 brothers and 1 sister. Her first film was Peter Jackson’s, Heavenly Creatures

She has a distinct voice that you can figure out instantly and the ability to draw you in with it. Even though it’s such a recognizable voice, she’s able to get lost in a character and make us forget it’s her. Melanie’s personality is adorable and she seems like one of the most instantly likable actresses in Hollywood. 

Recently she was on the show Castle Rock and put her brilliant acting on display once again. In the show, she drew us in with not just her voice, but her ability to use her eyes to convey the tortured emotion of her character Molly. 

We felt a connection with Molly. Molly has the ability to feel and see people’s thoughts and what they were doing. Molly still seemed like a normal character. Castle Rock had death lingering in every corner but Molly brought a sense of normalcy.

She had a nervous quality about her and she always seemed to be twitchy and jittery. She just wanted the best for her loved ones, especially Henry Deaver. Both characters shared the same mind in a way and it was really awesome to see. Creepy on many occasions, but awesome nonetheless.

She was acting alongside powerhouse actors and actresses and showed that she deserves the title of powerhouse actress as well. Whenever she shared the screen with fellow highly underrated actors, André Holland and Bill Skarsgård, she shined. They showed the world that they are forces to be reckoned with. The list of underrated actors and actresses will always grow, but many will bust out of the list and become the household names they deserve to be. Melanie is one of those actresses. She should be a household name.

Every single time she is on screen, we can’t look away. 

One of her most known characters is Rose from Two and a Half Men. She was a main character on the show. Rose had a one night stand with Charlie Harper and became obsessed with him. In the end, she ends up marrying him. Throughout her run on the show, she managed to be quirky, weird, crazy, funny, fun and a scene stealer.

To go from comedy like Two and a Half Men to a show like Castle Rock that is psychological horror is a serious gift. A gift that keeps on giving. Melanie has been in many films and TV shows throughout her great career. Sometimes she’s the actress that appears and you say, “oh it’s her!” if you’ve never heard of her. Other times she’s the lead and taking full advantage of it with her phenomenal talent.

One thing’s for sure, she deserves a lot more respect and appreciation. She deserves to be a lead in everything she is in. With her work in Castle Rock, perhaps finally, she will get the recognition she has been deserving all these years.

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