Marvel is a movie powerhouse with a dense slate of films ahead of it. Up next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Captain Marvel. For those who are unfamiliar, Captain Marvel follows the journey of super powered Carol Danvers after she crashes down to earth. 

With only a hazy recollection of where she’s from, Danvers tries to piece together her memories. Eventually recruited by a young Nick Fury she steps into the role of one of earth’s mightiest heroes in the middle of an intergalactic conflict. From there, the rest becomes history. 

The trailer showcases a lot of flash and bang. We catch glimpses of what one can assume are Kree warriors touching down on earth. We see Brie Larson melt into the role of Captain Marvel herself. There’s even a young Nick Fury and Phil Coulson at what is likely the start of their career. 

I’m simultaneously excited and apprehensive. Captain Marvel is one of my favorite superheroes in the Marvel franchise and I want them to do her justice. This is also Marvel’s first female-centered hero film, and there’s a lot of pressure to make it good. 

Captain Marvel is set to air in theaters on March 8th, 2019. You can check out the trailer below. 

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