Castle Rock’s debut season has come to an end and there are many questions to be asked. Up until the season finale, we saw this story take twists and turns with episode 9 seemingly answering everything (or, well, answering enough). This season finale took those answers and gave us a million more questions.


The season finale begins where episode 9 left off. Henry is driving away from the crime scene and trying to find his mother. Molly tries to process what The Kid told her. It seems as if Molly is trying really hard to believe him, even though she is skeptical.

On his drive, Henry runs into a flock of birds flying around and hitting his car. The birds all die and Henry crashes his car. Molly is the one who finds Ruth, who is on a bridge again and convinces her to come down. We don’t get much of Ruth in this season finale, which is a shame. The Kid told Molly where he’d be, should Henry decide to help him.

A flashback scene shows us that young Henry pushed his dad off the cliff. We are led to believe that Matthew was getting to the point where he’d likely kill Ruth for not believing in his connection with God and making Henry lie.

In a scene that completely catches us off guard, Warden Porter is run over by a corrections bus from Shawshank (sick twist of fate ay?) after coming to Molly’s office to ask where The Kid is. She showed Molly the queen chess piece The Kid had left in her home. She thought he really was the devil. That leads to her walking right into the path of the bus.

Wendell makes his way back to Castle Rock and stumbles upon the crime scene where Odin had died. Willie is still alive and gives Wendell an angry look. We are then taken to the precinct and Wendell is there waiting on Henry to pick him up. Later we find out that the lady officer who continuously thinks Henry is the sole reason why anything bad happens in Castle Rock is the prime suspect in Odin’s murder. They also get him on a charge of leaving a crime scene.

When Henry is put in jail, he is joined by The Kid. Henry had given his location away after talking with Molly and finding it out. Suddenly, the inmates from the bus from earlier in the episode are brought into the same area and put in a cell right across from them.

The Kid gives this demented look and his eyes start moving around and it’s like he’s controlling the inmates. They all start killing each other and everyone in the precinct, in general, kills each other too. As long as he is still in this world, death will continue. Henry needs to stop him.

They walk to the woods, Henry hears the sound and his memories link up with his present. While he was able to get the gun that The Kid had away from him, The Kid for a quick second turns into a demon. That was all. We didn’t get to see what exactly happened.

Then, we fast forward a year and things seem to be back to normal. Henry is living in Castle Rock, Wendell comes to visit, it’s Christmas, and Molly is in Florida. Ruth has died and they have buried her with Alan.

Henry makes his way back to Shawshank and we see that he visits The Kid. He has put him in the cage. Feels like the season came full circle. He still tells Henry that he needs to go back to his world. At the end of the episode, the camera is panning at The Kid’s face and right when it stops, he gives a creepy smile. He is the devil. Or is he? What is happening!!!!

There was a fun end credits scene with Jackie writing a book called Overlooked and talking about the best place to finish a book is where it started. Is this a tease for season 2? Are we getting some Shining fun in season 2? Who knows.

What do you think about this debut season of Castle Rock? Sound off in the comments below!

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